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Sophomoric fun with Ron Washington butchering a name

DeFSk.St.58ARLINGTON, Texas - We could fill the Internet machine with fun examples of Texas Rangers' manager Ron Washington doing his thing with the English language. Wash' speaks how Wash speak.

Sometimes it is funny. Sometimes it is hurtful.

Take the tragic case of Texas Rangers reserve outfielder Jim Adduci.

Wash' pronounces the name, "Ah-do-she." Or, if you are a high school sophomore, "A-douche" (insert frat-guy giggles here).

In an effort to provide all of my readers reader with insightful, meaningful and life-changing content, I asked the question that everyone wants to ask, but do not have the guts: Does Mr. Jim Adduci care that his manager is butchering this sacred, Italian name? 

"No," he said. "I haven't really heard it."

Like you, I don't believe him. Adduci is obviously devastated, and should be filing a lawsuit shortly. He's just trying to protect his job, and playing nice.

Exactly how should Wash' pronounce the name?

"I really don't even know. I used to have a teammate who was an Italian guy, and he said it's, 'A-do-ch-e'," he said. "The way I was taught was, 'A-do-see.' I really dont mind it. It makes me sound more Italian."

Adduci is just being brave. There is obviously a lot of hurt here.

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That's how baseball go.


I think the correct pronunciation is Ah-do-chee, so Wash's pronunciation is more nearly correct than Ah-do-see (which sounds like a square dance move). I'd give Wash a pass on this one.

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