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The lesson of Adrian Beltre's latest DL trip

Adrian+Beltre+Texas+Rangers+v+Oakland+Athletics+wy6rKvlLDXMlARLINGTON, Texas - The Texas Rangers did not much care to confer with their star third baseman on whether he would make a trip to the disabled list. 

"I have no say," Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre said Monday in response to the decision to be placed on the 15-day disabled list with a quad injury.

Beltre sounded none pleased with the decision, which was announced on Sunday.  

I asked him to clarify that the Rangers did not confer with Beltre at all on whether he would go on the disabled list. He said they didn't.

He also told me, "Not to make a big deal out of this."

And if it's Donnie Murphy he is correct.  But this is either the best, or second-best, hitter on a team that can't score runs; the Rangers rank 11th in the American League in runs scored. Any time Adrian Beltre heads to the disabled list, it's a big deal.

"It's a different injury than I am used to," he said. "I'm accustomed to (the hamstring injury). I felt I could manage it."

The Rangers made the right call, which Beltre admitted, "is probably smart."

There is never much point in listening to the player when it comes to injury. If the guy is a pro, and cares at all, they are "fine". These guys all lie and insist everything is A-OK.

It's up to the team, and the doctors, to determine whether it's a wise decision.

"It's always difficult talking to one of the best players about going on the disabled list," Rangers manager Ron Washington said. "We wanna be careful."

Since coming to the Rangers in '11, Beltre has played in 124, 156 and 161 games, respectively. He has been durable. But he is 35, and now feels just about the right time when the hamstring and quad injuries could be a bit more of a problem. That's why the Rangers are shutting Beltre off for a week or so. 

They know better than to believe the player, and we know better than to think any time this guy is out of the lineup for an extended period it's not a big deal.

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