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The Mavs should receive a trophy for ANY lead v. Spurs

Dal_g_spurs_mavs1_576Game 2 of the Dallas Mavericks' first round series against the San Antonio Spurs is tonight; the Mavs figure to break their 10-game losing streak against the Spurs, and then win another three in a row to advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Or something like that. 

Looking into this 10-game losing streak for Mavs v. Spurs is depressing. The Mavs should have thrown a parade after leading the Spurs by 10 midway through the fourth quarter in Game 1 of this series before gagging that away. In this stretch of stench, any Mavs' lead in the second half should be rewarded with a ribbon.

* In this 10-game skid, the Mavs have had two third-quarter leads against the Spurs, and only twice have they led in the fourth quarter. But all four leads were glorious.

No. 1 Spurs 104, Mavs 87
March 23, 2012 @ San Antonio
Mavs led 63-62 with three minutes remaining in third quarter

No. 2 Spurs 92, Mavs 91
March 14, 2013 @ San Antonio
Mavs led 78-77 with 7:46 remaining. Spurs took lead 20 seconds later and never trailed again.

Mavs2-spurs-series-t1No. 3 Spurs 113, Mavericks 107
Jan. 25, 2013 @ Dallas
The Mavs never led in the second half

No. 4 Spurs 111, Mavericks 86
Dec. 30, 2012 @ Dallas
The Mavs never led in the second half

No. 5 Spurs 129, Mavericks 91
Dec. 23, 2012 @ San Antonio
Put it this way - the Mavs trailed 102-66 to start the fourth quarter

No. 6 Spurs 116, Mavericks 107
Dec. 26, 2013 @ Dallas
Mavs never led in second half

No. 7 Spurs 112, Mavericks 90
Jan. 8, 2014 @ San Antonio
Mavs never led in second half

No. 8 Spurs 112, Mavericks 106
March 2, 2014 @ San Antonio
Mavs never led in second half

No. 9 Spurs 109, Mavericks 100
April 10, 2014 @Dallas
Mavs led 51-49 to start second half

No. 10 Spurs 90, Mavericks 85
April 20, 2014 (Game 1, Western Conference 1st Rd.) @ San Antonio
Mavs led 81-71 with 7:45 remaining.

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The Mavs can play their best offensive game and still lose to the Spurs because they can't get any stops. With the exception of the Tyson Chandler year, it's pretty much been a layup drill whenever the Mavs are on defense. Dalembert, Blair, Wright, Dirk...someone has to contest a shot or this series is going to be over in a hurry.

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