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The time Chad Curtis cornered me in the Oakland dugout

6a00e54f7fc4c588330168eb34753a970c-250wiChad didn't know it, but his career was only a few days away from being over. He was 32, and in the final week of a 10-year career.

It was Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2001 and the Texas Rangers were playing at the Oakland Athletics in a game the Rangers did not want to play. The season had been delayed by 9/11. The Rangers were checked out for obvious reasons - the tragedy of 9/11, and a 72-84 record.

Curtis played in 38 games in '01, and retired after that season.

Today, Chad Curtis is doing time for molesting three teenage girls. He recently gave this interview, that is only slightly disturbing, to Sports on Earth. Curtis was sentenced 7 to 15 years in October of 2013 for inappropriately touching teenage girls; the judge who sentenced Curtis called him a "predator".

Chad was not a popular member of the Rangers' clubhouse, but his relationship with the late manager Johnny Oates help keep him around. Both were devout Christians. Chad could irritate people because he was so honest, also wore this "New York Yankee" superiority crown. He had no problem confronting people. He once said to me he didn't know why the Rangers had a charity function to money when all they should do is simply ask the "rich players" to write a check (he had a point).

-61dc9023d8fc984bIn '01, I was in my first year as a beat writer covering the Texas Rangers, and for some reason Chad thought I was a born again Christian.

This man believed his convictions, so to read this interview is not surprising. This sounds like Chad, and the Chad who once cornered me in the dugout that October night in Oakland. 

His teammates were on the field stretching, while he sat on the bench lecturing me about Jesus Christ, sin, and the presence of God. I can still see catcher Bill Haselman laughing at me. They knew this routine, but it was not an act.

Chad was a close talker; he crossed the personal-space line by sitting way too close to me. He had a monotone voice - he had only one pitch - and he would use his hands to make a point. Every time I moved to the right, to create some space, he would move closer. Touched my shoulder. Touched my leg.

He kept pointing at my chest to convince me the Bible is a factually correct document of ancient history, and that the real sinners were going to get theirs in the end. 

The topic of the discussion was interesting, but now it is apparent his beliefs were delusional. He was dangerous because he believed his own BS that came from the Bible.

Chad Curtis was another in the loooong line of "Christians" who have used the Bible to skirt, or even justify, their own sins.  

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I guess if you were Erin Andrews I could see someone wanting to touch your leg. But I don't see a resemblance, so the only thing I have to say is...ewww.


He always struck me as a total idiot.

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