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Tiago Splitter is a bad politician


Not sure how this is possible, but the Dallas Mavericks were never the same in Game 4 of their loss against the San Antonio Spurs after DeJuan Blair was kicked out of the game because of a kick to the head.

DeJuan. Blair.

When Blair was ejected for kicking Spurs' forward Tiago Splitter in the Mavs' 93-89 loss against the Spurs at the Monopoly Airlines Center, the Mavs led 83-82 with 3:10 remaining. 

In 16 minutes in Game 4, Blair scored 12 points with 11 rebounds, and the Spurs could not deal with him at all.

Now, you ask, "Hey - Big Mac Blog, how many times during the regular season did DeJuan Blair score in double figures?"
Answer: 16.

Now, you ask, "Hey - Big Mac Blog, how many times during the regular season did DeJuan Blair grab double-digit rebounds?"
Answer: Six.

Now, you ask, "Hey - Big Mac Blog, how many double-doubles during the regular season did DeJuan Blair have?"
Answer: One

Did Blair really kick Splitter, a former Spurs' teammate, in the head? Yes. Replays showed it looked more like Blair was mad about a foul call, and acted out and Splitter's head was in the way. But the refs  reviewed it, and by the letter of the rules, Blair got busted and was kicked out.

There did not appear any intent, which is why Blair should not be suspended for Game 5.

But in an effort to lobby to get a guy out, Splitter told The San Antonio Express News after the game,
"After watching the video, it looks like it was intentional. He has nothing against me. He’s a good kid. I know him. I don’t know why he did it."

So let's get this straight - he has nothing against you, he wasn't mad at you, but it was intentional.

Got it.



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Mac - Let's be honest. He made contact with his foot to the back of the head of Splitter. Blair has been very outspoken about the way things worked out in SA. Without a doubt Blair should be suspended game 5. No one ever questioned his ability in Sa, they questioned the way he handles his emotions. Give the dude a follow on twitter and you'll understand. Enjoy your segments on the Ticket here in SA. Good stuff.


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