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An incredible start by this Texas Ranger

8334940The Texas Rangers have dropped five of six, but there is something special going on at the Insurance Made Easy Ballpark. By special, the Rangers are enjoying one of the most impressively bad starts by a veteran big leaguer in a while.

No, not talking about Prince Fielder's .206 average.

Out of approximately 500 big league ballplayers who are position players, Texas Rangers catcher J.P. Arencibia ranks 484th in batting.

The veteran catcher of five MLB seasons, Arencibia is batting .086.

In 35 at bats, he has 3 hits. Now, he has made the most of these hits. Two doubles, three runs and a stout .143 slugging percentage.

The good news is when the Rangers to a one year, $1.8 million deal last year, they were not expecting him to hit. He has delivered.

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If the Rangers expected little hitting from him, why is this a news story? The man is delivering what his employers expected. It is not news.

Funny Parodies

Love the dry humor, Mac.

Hootex has a humor impediment, excuse him please.

This is another Daniels screw-up. Fielder, Garza, Alfonso Soriano, Adrian Gonzalez, Dempster.....he has made way more blunders than good trades. Way overrated. As is Washington. They both can hit the road anytime.

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