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Fan mail reacts "well" to Michael Sam column

Senior Bowl Football (1)Not totally unexpected, but the reaction to this award-winning column that I wrote stating the NFL was not ready for Michael Sam did not go over very well across the board.

I have been accused of being an atheist, a promoter of "the gay lifestyle", among other things. No accusations of being a Communist.

Here is a sampling of some of the emails I have received ...

No. 1 
"Who is afraid of what?  Are promoters and recruiters of homosexuality afraid of dissent?  Apparently so.  One guy says something against the immoral lifestyle of Michael Sam and he gets suspended.  Are you kidding?  The most intolerant people I've ever heard of are the gay mafia. They make the Taliban jealous. And you're playing their card.  Unbelievable...

"Am I a "homophobe" because I don't accept the gay lifestyle as morally equivalent and reject it as a civil rights issue?  Who is afraid of who?
"Sadly, you are helping promote a drastic slide in the culture - next stop for the "lets make heroes out of perverts" train:  pedophiles...and Mac, don't say you won't go almost are...
"I don't "hate" Michael Sam or his cheerleaders.  I don't believe they should be put in jail or stoned.  Get real. I believe they should be left to do what their going to do, just don't ask me to like it or approve of it.  Give it a break Mac."

- Ed
ImagesNo. 2 
"Make no mistake about it you are promoting the gay life style. If it were not for the fact Sam’s being gay you would not be wasting ink on him. You are promoting the idea we should all accept gays. Spin it how ever you like, it is what it is."
- Ron

No. 3
"Just wanted to write you a quick note because usually your articles are interesting and intelligent, in my opinion... But not this one... Homosexuality is condemned by ALL of the religions of the world, and rightly so. Sadly in today's world, in our pagan USA especially, it's pushed in our faces by people who are intellectually confused. No one is born homosexual any more that anyone is born kleptomaniac. Or alcoholic. It's okay to condemn and shun behavior like that. I think you should stop using your job as a journalistic bully pulpit.....

"You don't change peoples' minds by what you write on these subjects. You're simply giving in to a kind of arrogance that's been the plague of journalism for a long time.

"I think you should stick to writing about what you know."

- Brent

Dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsNo. 4 
"What you are seeing is how most of the men I know feel about these people.  And that includes many young men.  They and I are disgusted by them and what they do to each other.  No amount of laws is going to change that.  I am tired of hearing about and reading about them!  I would bet that if you could get the true feelings, without repercussions most of the NFL players feel the same way."

- Jim

No. 5
"To your credit I understand you have to take a position against God and his word to keep your job. If you came out and let it be known that your're against homosexuals, killing babies, same sex marriages, you'd never work in this town again or anywhere else as a matter of fact. [those three acts incidentally are an abomination to God. He hasn't changed, people have]"
- Dale

No. 6
"Enjoyed your piece today - I'll never understand why there has to be such a double standard between Gays & Races. There is supposed to be a single standard for all. Why was it necessary to show a big black guy kissing a little white guy on national TV - what we do in private is private, however, in public it's role- modeling.  I don't recall TV showing Ahmad Dixon kissing anyone. And how did the media get to it being unforgiveable to call someone black when it's OK to call a white person any number of derogative terms ? Where has equality gone ?"
- Gary

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Randy Frame

Communist. ;)

Michael Goulding

I always thought you were a Communist. I'm surprised to find out you are not!

Rob Tentoy

Mac, I give you a lot of crap on here. But I'll give you credit for writing about this. Not sure how much your motive was to give your honest perspective vs. trolling the Religious Right, but hey whatever.
The comments by these "shut up about the gays" sadden me but also make me laugh. They think nothing of trying to shove Christianity down everybody's throats, but the moment two guys kiss in celebration... well... hell... the Gay Gestapo must be coming to their houses to do gay things to them.
I'll take two guys expressing their love by kissing over listening to people "Praise Jesus" every five minutes.
But hey... I'm just atheist anarchist who doesn't give to figs about what other people do as long as it isn't hurting anybody. And contrary to what they think, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend isn't hurting anybody.

James Jones

So just curious there Mr. Engel how many other 7th round picks get congratulated by the President just for being picked. And that kiss? C'mon that was staged to make as many people angry as possible because you know as well as I do that was the reaction that was going to happen from quite a few people.

My problem with your hero Sam is he whined that he should have been picked higher and insinuates that he wasn't because he is gay. Maybe it was because he just isn't that good. But that is never going to be the case because every adversity he faces is not going to be because of his talent or lack thereof but because someone is discriminating against him. It's already old now and it is only going to get worse. I guess people like you won't be happy until everyone thinks the same way. Maybe everyone should be treated like Jones from the Dolphins and be sent out for re-education would that make people like you happy?

Rob Tentoy

Anybody who thinks Sam doesn't have a valid complaint about where he was drafted should just do a simple Google search but only for stuff BEFORE he came out. It's a whole lot of "moving up the draft charts" and "1st or 2nd round."


I agree with Dale, nothing personal Mac but I believe you are just trying to keep your job. If you honestly feel that you see nothing wrong with the homosexual lifestyle and you believe it to be normal as male and female then take a lie detector test and print the results. It seems all the Media want accolades and columnists want awards for shouting from the rooftops in support of Gays but it's all bologna you know you would flip if your son came home with a boyfriend. Please stop trying to force this upon us and labeling us as homophobes for not jumping on board some of us will never be ok with it but we can still respect the person as a human being.


I kind of like the reaction you got. Very entertaining. Real wrath-of-God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky. Rivers and seas boiling. The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats, living together...

Rob Tentoy

If my son came home and announced he was gay, I wouldn't give a rat's butt. If he came home spouting garbage like Sam, Dale, James and the rest... we would have some serious words.
The whole "ramming it down our throats" is such bull$***. On my 15 mile drive to work everyday, I see no less than 7 churches and the accompanying signage with their messages about how fabulous God and Jesus are. Plus billboards trumpeting even more churches and Christian nonsense. How many gay things? Zero.
I get unsolicited mailers telling me I'm invited to such and such church or people ringing my doorbell to tell me about Jesus. You know how many "gay lifestyle" mailers or homosexuals at my door trying to invite me to be gay? Zero.
I turn on my TV and hear politicians blathering on about their Christian values, see news stories where random people "Praise God" for saving them (usually during something where God couldn't be bothered to save others), entire church services dedicated to nothing but "spreading the word." The amount of positive TV coverage the "gay agenda" gets pales in comparison.
I have to hear asinine crap about having prayer in schools, before government meetings, and teaching Creationism to our kids. I don't hear about school gay kissing, pre-council gay parades, or "How to be Gay" classes.
And most of all, the ratio of people who personally express their Christianity to me, face to face, vs the people who "shove" their gayness in my face is not calculable because you can't divide by zero.

Do you know why it's a big deal when a Michael Sam happens? Because it's brave. It takes a lot of guts for somebody to stand up and say, "This is me, I'm not going to hide or pretend otherwise, even though I know I'm going to be hated for this one single aspect of who I am." The reason why it's all over the media? Because a single kiss lasting a few seconds drives the holier-than-thou crowd berserk and gives the media weeks worth of content.
You don't want to hear about it? Then shut your bigoted mouth and it won't be a big deal.


Yea, being gay is a sin according to the Bible. But so is divorce and adultery, and I bet half of the people who wrote those letters are on their third wife and still cheating...


Bravery? Coming out as a homosexual is the definition of bravery to Rob what a joke! Everyone knew he was gay and it was going to become a story he had no choice and Rob if you don't want to go to church or read your Bible then don't but my opinion is not garbage sir and I would call you liar to say you wouldn't care if your son came home and announced he is gay it wasn't a single kiss it was a make out session and lastly you calling people bigots over the internet is cowardly.

Rob Tentoy

Oh Sam... you don't know me... you don't know my son... so why don't you shut your damn mouth. No, it wouldn't bother me in the least. If that's who he is and he isn't hurting anybody... what difference does it make. Calling me a liar over the internet is pretty cowardly.
Seriously. Answer me this: How has Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend hurt you. Or anybody. How has the act of one man sharing his love, happiness, and excitement with another man harmed you in any measurable way?
And yes, it was brave... bravery being the characteristic that allows people to do things that would be considered dangerous or scary. It's the same as a Christian publicly declaring their faith in Saudi Arabia. It's standing up and finding the courage to do something that almost certainly has consequences. And yes, he probably went on ahead and came out on his own terms because he knew somebody else would do it otherwise and he didn't want to hide. He's a public figure, gay or not, and everything he does is under the microscope.
And you seem to miss my point about religion... it's constantly rammed down my throat and I think it's garbage. Which, from what I can tell, is how you feel about supporting gay people. Doesn't feel so good to have your beliefs and lifestyle belittled does it, Sam?

And how is you calling me a liar (which you have zero proof of) over the internet any less cowardly than me calling you a bigot (which your previous comments indicate that you are).

Also, I'd take a whole team of Michael Sams over the Michael Vicks, Ben Roethlesbergers, and Ray Rices of the world.


Cut the tough guy act coward your not intimidating anyone you obviously have a gay son and I'm sure he learned it from you it's losers like you Ron who bring up religion every time someone disagrees with your perverse lifestyle your idea of bravery is pathetic what your opinion of me makes me no difference your the one on here who has to defend others like you...label ,me as you wish but I'm totally against man on man action you can have your gay team since you play the center position.


No one will answer to Mac Engel, Michael Sam, Barack Obama, GLAAD, or the like when we are judged. We all, including the aforementioned, will answer to Jesus Christ. We will ALL bow at His feet and call Him LORD. If we have proclaim Him as LORD in this life, then we belong to Him forever only by our faith and His grace. But if we worship man, lust, power, prestige, the planet, education, the arts, anything but the Son who died for our sins, then we receive what we all deserve which is eternity separated from Christ in Hell. Plain and simple. Choose your path.


We are all entitled to our opinions regardless if others agree with it or not when Mac posts a blog he welcomes our comments even if the commenter takes a jab at him but it's Silly when one clown gets on here and tried to shout everyone else who he disagrees with down with insults and comments like (shut your mouth) I don't get why he posted that 2 times because we are typing not talking but regardless one moron shouldn't come on here and try to attack others because he thinks he is a keyboard tough guy if your big on respect then respect others too this isn't middle school we are all adults I'm not intimidated by words or threats it's silly I don't like homosexual lifestyles and if Ron has a problem with God then take it up with him or find another route to work remove your doorbell or cut your fingers off so that you can't comment on blogs my more.

Rob Tentoy

Wow dude... just wow...

James Jones

Sorry Robbie I'm agnostic so your whole ridiculous anti-religion rant has nothing to do with me. Also I hate to burst your bubble here champ but while I am not gay myself I do know people that are, you know what they want? To be able to live a normal life they want nothing more than any of us want but you know what happens? Those "look at me make a spectacle of myself I'm entitled to more" gays like Michael Sam who want not just what the rest of us want but more than that because they think they are entitled to it just because they are gay cause problems for the ones that are not that way because of the way they act. You probably don't care but it makes the people who just want a normal life lives worse.

Besides while telling us how great gays are it seems Engel left out how some of the pro-gay groups are no better than the haters that hate them. The last I checked I haven't seen the anti-gay crowd trying to run people out of their jobs just for the way they voted like GLAAD has. Sorry champ but not all of us will ever think the same or like the same thing that is just human nature.

You whine about other peoples intolerance? Maybe you should look in a mirror sometime.

One last thing for Engel to compare what gays are going through to the Civil Rights struggles is disgusting gays have not gone through anything remotely close to what blacks did.


I thought I was the only one who read this thing. 17 comments is outstanding, Mac. That's got to be some kind of record for this blog.

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