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How Myles Turner continued Texas' "misery"

D0Y5I.St.58In his perfect world, Myles Turner will not be in Austin one year from now. He will have already declared for the NBA draft, and will be working with a personal trainer preparing to collect his first big check.

On Wednesday, the senior center from Euless Trinity finally told the world where he would spend the next few months of his life by selecting the University of Texas-Austin to play college basketball, and pass the necessary six college hours to remain eligible both semesters.

Highly original snark aside, it is hard not to be happy for Turner and his family; this is a good kid who knows the score. Turner picked Texas over ... well, everybody. He was the best remaining un-signed high school player, and most scouting services ranked him No. 2 in the nation.

For fans of the University of Texas basketball - I'm looking at you Francie & Bob - this is a win/lose scenario. You get Turner. You keep Rick Barnes.

There are a lot of fans of the program that want head coach Rick Barnes to flop now, so AD Steve Patterson can fire him three days ago; landing Turner all but ensures Barnes sticks around for a bit longer.

This should be Barnes' best team in years, and the Big 12's best threat to finally unseat Kansas and end the Jayhawks' run of 78 consecutive conference titles (actually, it's 10 straight).

KU has another good crew of incoming recruits, but the best team in the Big 12 is Texas. The best team in Texas is Texas - better than Baylor and better than SMU.

One of the biggest reasons, other than Barnes and the chance to live in Austin and kick it with some of the pretty coeds, Turner picked Texas was point guard. His dad made it clear his son wants to play with a point guard.

G: Isaiah Taylor, So.: 12.7 ppg., 3.3 rpg., 4 apg.
G: Javan Felix, Jr.: 11.6 ppg., 2.8 apg.  
C: Cameron Ridley, Jr.: 11.2 ppg., 8.2 rpg.
F: Myles Turner: Fr, F/C
F: Jonathan Holmes, Sr.: 12.8 ppg., 7.2 rpg.
6th Man: Demarcus Holland: 7.1 ppg., 4.7 rpg.

A team that finished 24-11 last season and won an NCAA tournament game should will be the preseason pick to win the Big 12, and keep a head coach in Austin a little bit longer.

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