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Movie review: Godzilla > Sophie's Choice

Godzilla-2014-poster-7hlzfcvoNot many times is Bryan Cranston in anything these days and the viewer says, "Enough of him - give me more monsters!" Thanks to the computer geeks who do CGI, a monster is better than Cranston.

Hollywood may be out of ideas, but the chance to reboot the Godzilla franchise is a welcome addition as computer graphics are now so good this is a worthy film to make again. And again. And again.

The story: Cranston is a scientist working at a nuclear power plant in Japan 15 years ago when an unexplained disaster happens. He doesn't let go trying to find the answer; eventually, what he learns the disaster was not a meltdown, but a prehistoric monster that has awoken.
Turns out, it's not Godzilla but MUTO, which feeds off nuclear energy. And there is another MUTO, as well. And they are trying to mate. MUTO sex is never pleasant.

Naturally, all hell breaks loose when Godzilla awakens to remind MUTO, and everybody else, he is the baddest man on the block.
The carnage eventually crosses the Pacific Ocean, and goes from Japan to Hawaii to Las Vegas to San Francisco.

Characters: Ken Watanabe is the Japanese scientist who tries to explain to the ugly Americans what Godzilla is, and that it's better to let these ancient, giant creatures fight than to try to destroy them with bullets. 
The actors are all fine, and they play the straight man to this very serious take on this franchise. 

Why it Works: The effects of Godzilla and the MUTOs are so fun, and the fight scenes between massive on the big screen it makes it work the price of admission. When Godzilla breathes fire, you know you are watching one of Hollywood's great actors at work.

Olsen_a_0Where it Misses: There is zero humor in this movie. This movie takes itself very seriously, which when considering we are talking about The King of the Monsters fighting a Muto, maybe there is nothing funny about that.
And we need to see more of the monsters fighting and destroying cities in the process.

Eye candy: She is not the most famous Olsen, but Elizabeth Olsen plays Aaron Taylor-Johnson's wife in a supporting role. 

Should you see it: Yes; 3-D is not paramount, but the big screen is vital. 






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Looks amazing. I might have to go see it

raspberry beret

Hated it. Godzilla looked like a CG rat with lizard skin. Sucked.

brian g. @ big D

Loved it. Loved it. Totally amazing.


Killer special effects. Loved the monster. I agree with you about taking itself seriously. A few more laughs would have been a good touch but I think they did that to keep us from remembering the last Godzilla which was a joke. Good flick though.

king of the monsters

Forget about sports. Go see this movie. Incredible. Amazing. Fantastic. BEST MOVIE EVER!!!! LOVED IT!!!


It was good but not great. It should have stuck closer to Godzilla lore. I liked it and hope they do another. The monster Godzilla needs to fight is Destoroyah. He is the only monster to ever kill Godzilla. That would make for a fun rematch or better yet; a better remake.

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