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No one hates quarterbacks more than Jerry Jones

Troy-Aikman-1989-Score-270-Rookie-Card-Dallas-CowboysThe owner of the Dallas Cowboys may understand the value of the quarterback position better than anybody, and in that he is absolutely is scared to death of them. A good quarterback is impossible to find. So rather than just keep picking them until he finds someone who can throw a ball and chew gum at the same time, no one runs from a quarterback any faster than Jerry Jones.

Since 2000, no team in the NFL has drafted fewer quarterbacks than the Dallas Cowboys - 2.
(The Cowboys' list the selection of University of Washington quarterback Isaiah Stanback in 2009 as a wide receiver in the media guide.)

Fewest QB's selected in the NFL draft since 2000:
Cowboys: 2
Jaguars: 3
Chiefs: 3
Titans: 3

*** Incredible fact: Since Jerry's first draft in 1989, the Cowboys have selected a total of five quarterbacks. 
Since 2000, 23 teams have selected five or more quarterbacks.
Since 2000, the Redskins and 49ers have both selected nine quarterbacks in the draft.

4562-1006975FrCowboys QB selections under Jerry Jones
1. Troy Aikman, 1st rd., 1st pick, 1989
2. Steve Walsh, supplemental draft, 1989
3. Bill Musgrave, 4th rd., 106th pick, 1991
4. Quincy Carter, 2nd rd., 53rd pick, 2001
5. Stephen McGee, 4th rd., 101st pick, 2009

Most QB's selected in the NFL draft since 2000:
Redskins: 9
49ers: 9
Ravens: 8
New York Jets: 8

Even the Colts and Patriots, the two teams with the best quarterbacks of this era, both of whom were drafted in the '90s, have selected more QB's than the Cowboys in this century:
Colts: 4
Patriots: 6

So don't hold your breath for the Cowboys to move up to select Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel, or anybody else for that matter.

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David Bellile

There are no Andrew Luck quarterback prototypes in this upcoming draft class, but it is deep and probably a good year to draft a quarterback in rounds 2-4 and stash him for a couple of years to develop. Manziel, Bridgewater, Bortles, and maybe Derek Carr go in the first round. Then it starts to get interesting. With the Cowboys second round pick there will be a gaggle of second tier quarterbacks with good skill sets such as Jimmy Garoppolo, Zach Mettenberger, AJ McCarron, and Tom Savage. If the second round is still too rich for Jerry's blood, then he should wait until the third round and take the guy that falls (I think it will be McCarron). Jerry's big decision won't be Manziel with pick #16, more likely it will be whether to burn a second or third round pick on a quarterback when there are so many glaring needs on defense.


Is Chris Simms a free agent?

the big house

JJ's defense is the worst. He needs to get lucky in the draft soon. Forget WR's or QB's. We need help on D bad.

reggie in arlington

Jerry will find a way to blow this draft. Fans better support our guys this season. Too much will be expected of Romo and our stars. Let's pray Jerry doesn't blow the draft too bad. (no quarterbacks need apply here)

Rob Tentoy

"probably a good year to draft a quarterback in rounds 2-4 and stash him for a couple of years to develop."

If Manziel is a bust, I think it will likely be for this reason. I'm not sure he is capable of patience and he seems to have the confidence that he is a starting NFL QB now.
Of course, any team he goes to, if he is designated a backup, the moment the (most likely a) veteran QB has a bad half, the screaming for "Johnny Football" will start. And if he has a weak coach, he'll get to play and that's a situation that will ruin a young QB and sink a season.
JF needs a team that will force him to develop for the long term and he needs to sit down, shut up, and learn.
The Cowboys are not that team.


Troy Aikman was drafted in '89 and immediately tossed into the fire. Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Rob Tentoy

Johnny Manziel is not Troy Aikman and those were different times.

Feeling old: When Troy Aikman was named MVP of Super Bowl XXVII, Johnny Manziel was not quite 2 months old.

David Deal

Johnny Manziel is going to find linebackers and maybe a defensive lineman that will catch him from behind. He does not have world class speed like RG3. Manziel will be a flash in the pan. Due to attitude and lack of patience he will be out of the league in less than 5 years. Anyone remember Vince Young or the LSU QB that went to Oakland (obviously I cannot remember his name).

Rob Tentoy

Johnny Football is doomed. Cleveland is where rookie QBs go to die.

PS David Deal: JaMarcus Russell

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