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Of course Sean Lee is hurt

IRVING, Texas - One day into the Dallas Cowboys' first OTA of the season, which is almost all non-contact, linebacker Sean Lee is hurt.


Lee was helped off the field with the aid of two Cowboys trainers on Tuesday, audibly cursing. Can't blame him for cursing a storm after he hurt his left knee. The guy is a serious player who knows how to make plays, as well as get hurt. It appeared as if he was literally run over by rookie first round pick Zach Martin.

SeanleeDallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said the knee will be evaluated today, and that he is not aware of the severity. It's only May so it's not like Lee doesn't have time to return, but the body of evidence says this is just a guy whose body was not designed for the absurd rigors of football.

In 2008 at Penn State, he tore his ACL and missed the season.
In 2010, he played in 14 games as a rookie with the Cowboys and suffered a variety of injuries, including a hamstring.
In 2011, he played in 15 games despite suffering a dislocated left wrist.
In 2012, he was limited to six games after suffered a toe injury.
In 2013, he missed five games with a hamstring injury.

"It's very unfortunate; hopefully he can get back on the feet as fast as he can," Cowboys veteran corner Brandon Carr said. "You don't want to see that, especially on Day 1 of OTA."

Lee is 28, and has not played a full season yet. He is the Cowboys most proven defensive player, but he just can't stay healthy.

Garrett was, no surprise, vague when answering any questions about any contigency plans regarding Lee's absence. By this point, it's not as if the Cowboys are not used to it.

"I have heard all about the injury bug; I can relate to it," said Cowboys running back Ryan Williams, who himself has come back from major injuries to play. "We are not machines. We are human. Everyone knows when (Lee) is on the field he makes plays, but stuff happens. Even not being here I know that.

"Now what he has to do is dig down, get healthy, and shut everybody up."

By now, Lee is used to that, too.



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We've been so busy with the Curse of Nolan, Curse of Kinsler, and Curse of Romo; I nearly forgot about the Curse of Sean Lee. As Galloway used to say, "The boy is snake bitten."

Vietnam Vet

So who forgot to tell the rookies you don't run over the veterans in OTA's?

Martin better make a "huge" impact for this team after creating a huge hole in the Cowboy's defense for this year.

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