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Randy Galloway weighs in on the Cowboys passing up Mr. Football

Randy Galloway retired a few months ago from the day to day joys of sports journalism, but the venerable sports writer/radio host still can't quit the junk. In retirement, he has become a fan of golf, and now the Cleveland Browns.

Randy's transition to Browns' 76871161 homer began when the Cleveland Browns selected Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel with the 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Randy, like most sane members of the North Texas area media, desperately wanted Mr. Football to go to the Cowboys ... which easily could have happened.

Alas, the Dallas Cowboys selected Notre Dame offensive lineman Zach Martin with the 16th pick, thus crushing the idea that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would "clear the room", and draft Manziel.

Randy sent me the following text message: "I'm buying Browns season tixs .. you and Jerry are football idiots."

I sent him: "You are insane. The guy will be a bum."

Randy: "Oh Yeah ... Tony (Romo) with a bad back and no defense. You, Jerry and Tony ... The Dead Sea Three."

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Rob Tentoy

Oh dear lord! I just went and looked at the Browns draft record since 1999. QBs drafted:
Tim Couch (5 years then out of the league)
Spergon Wynn (2 years TOOTL)
Luke McCown (8 years, 5 teams, 9 starts)
Charlie Frye (5 years, 3 teams, TOOTL)
Brady Quinn (6 years, 5 teams)
Colt McCoy (hasn't started a game since 2011)
Brandon Weeden (oh look, now he's hoping to be Tony Romo's backup)

7 drafted QBs in 15 years and they have a combined 14.5 years in Cleveland.

Wanna know a really freaky stat? Brandon Weeden (2012) & Brady Quinn (2007) were both picked by Cleveland in the 1st round WITH THE 22ND PICK!
He's doomed... Johnny Football is doomed.

At least Johnny Football will have Vince Young right there as an example of what can happen to "amazing athlete quarterbacks"

Tracy Holmes

I don't know, one way or the other, but I'm with Galloway on general principle. No offense to the Big Mac brainiac football brain, of course. Just glad to hear from Senor Cantankerous again.

I did read (somewhere last night) more than one prediction that Johnny will spend a lot of time running, for his life, with the Browns. I hope he prospers.


Good post, Rob, and I'll elaborate on a point you made in yesterday's blog. If Cleveland is smart, they will give Manziel at least a year to carry a clipboard and learn how to play quarterback at the NFL level (and I'm not sure I trust Kyle Shanahan to be a capable mentor). In college if his first read was covered he would take off and run. That's not going to fly in the NFL, where defenses are bigger, faster, and stronger than anything he saw at A&M. He's going to have to learn to pass from the pocket and go through multiple reads and run only when his receivers are all covered. He was also able to get away with throwing against the grain of the defenses in college, but those throws are pick-sixes in the NFL. As you have documented, the Cleveland fans have suffered a long time through poor quarterback play, but if Manziel is to be successful long-term those fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer. He needs grooming.

Rob Tentoy

Completely agree, Davidmar. That sure is a lot of "ifs", though... including whether Johnny Football can set his ego aside to actually listen to somebody about how he can be better.

David Bement

Love Randy, but you also said the Cowboys should do anything and everything to draft Vince Young after the Rose Bowl too.....

I'm rooting for Manziel but the history of 6' and under QBs succeeeding aren't so good. He had some pretty badly missed reads in that Duke game and the NFL will only get harder.


Randy needs to stick to golf the Cowboys need an OT more than they need a backup QB I like their pick now we need some defensive help like a DT or safety...What's Randy's obsession with Norv Turner?

Wanting To Believe

So much for drafting for defense. Jerry, just can't help out smarting the press in DFW. He'd draft a midget if the press wrote he should draft a giant.

The rub on Zach Martin is he's big but not all the ND press guide says he is, but Jahree wanted to look smart to save Tony's back problems from a blindside this coming season.

We'll see, how the next rounds come out, if Jahree's past is a clue we'll see more second tier talent than instant starters.

EVERY draft expert said that the Cowboys should go straight defense from round 1 till the end. Of course the defense has no place to go but up from 32nd in the NFL last year.

Jerry Tribble

Galloway only wants Johnny here so he could bash the Cowboys and Jones. Johnny may be great but after only 2 years of college and being 5 11 3/4 in height he will have to spend the 1st 3 years running around until he learns the system. Pro quarterbacks needs to be tall and have some experience. If Johnny had just played 1 more year at AM, I think people would see what a good QB he is. Galloway stay retard. Dallas has had a great draft and will have a OL that will last for years. Remember the defense changed to the 43 which is why the team finish 8-8.

The TX Big Dog

I miss Randy. I would be willing to work the ranch for free just to hear his football talk.

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