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Stephen Jones would make his daddy proud

6b50ced1fa94b6457cbab22204a623e3-img1Stephen Jones is no dummy, he's a good guy and just about as charismatic as his father. That being said ... can we please stop this nonsense that the Dallas Cowboys safeties are what we call "good".

On the conference call with the season ticket holders of the Dallas Cowboys this week, Cowboys VP Stephen Jones said this about the Cowboys' safeties:

"We obviously feel a little bit better about our safeties than maybe some of our critics in the media."

Count me among the many critics in the media.

No formal depth chart is available on, but an early look at the safety position for the Cowboys would look like:

SS: J.J. Wilcox, Jeff Heath, Ahmad Dixon
FS: Barry Church, Jakar Hamiton, Matt Johnson

Looking at this, you really do miss Gerald Sensabaugh.

Since Darren Woodon retired, and Roy Williams I long ago lost his zeal to hit people, no position has dogged this team more than safety. They have not had a good one in forever, and no position has become as vital in this day and age on defense than a quality center fielder.

The best of the bunch is Church, who last season was not too bad. He had 135 tackles, forced three fumbles and recovered one fumble. He also had one interception. Church is a pro. Not a Pro Bowler, but a pro.

Jeff+Heath+Cincinnati+Bengals+v+Dallas+Cowboys+LloweCSRilOlThe rest?
* Wilcox, a third round pick last year from Georgia Southern, played like a guy who had barely played the position before, which he had not. This is the guy the Cowboys need to make a major jump this season. He has to be better than ...
* Jeff Heath, a small-college guy who barely made this team last season, should not be anything more than a special teams contributor. Ever.
* Johnson has done zero since being drafted because he can't stay healthy. Not sure why he is still on this team.
* I have never heard of Jakar Hamilton.
* Dixon was a big-hitter in college, but he is a seventh round pick.

You don't have to be a total media cynic, glass-is-broken football fan to be wary about the safeties of the Dallas Cowboys.



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The Cowboys weren't going to get Clinton-Dix, Pryor, or Ward; but you have to wonder what would have happened if Dallas had held on to their third round pick. Terrence Brooks was taken by the Ravens one pick after the Cowboys spot in the third round. The Ravens are important to mention because I trust Ozzie Newsome's eye for talent a heck of a lot more than Jerry's. Keep your eye on the development of Brooks in Baltimore.

Let's look at what Dallas has drafted at the safety position the last five years: Ahmad Dixon, JJ Wilcox, Matt Johnson, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Stephen Hodge, and Michael Hamlin. Clearly the idea that they can find safety help in the mid to late rounds isn't working. You mentioned Darren Woodson, but he was taken at the top of the second round. To me it would make sense to bite the bullet, use a high draft choice on a safety, and be done with it.

Randy Frame

Davidmar,Mac, no disrespect, but should that 1st or 2nd rounder be as good as that can't miss prospect, Morris Claiborne? I don't hate Claiborne, but I remember EVERYBODY thinking he was a cover corner maybe in the mold of Deon Sanders. Just because you use a high pick, doesn't mean you'll hit. Hope big Mo turns it around this year, but my point is simple: the draft can produce big time. Sometimes though, a sure thing isn't a sure thing. I'm hopeful this year's draft has some surprises. One can only hope.

Jim Merritt

As long as the Village IDIOT (Jaharry) is calling the shots for the cows, they will NEVER win anything. Next sad thing is the Village IDIOT Jr will take over for his dad keep making DUMB AZZ football decisions. So for the fans that waste their hard earned cash on tickets, parking, food/drinks and clothing (which make Jaharry even more money) you will always be supporting a 500, area, team.


Give Dixon a year in the pros a the Cowboys will have one of the better strong safeties in many years.


Spot on, Randy Frame. We don't know how well Jerry, Stephen and the rest of the brain trust at Valley Ranch are going to fair with drafting a safety early, but their odds are far better in the first 100 picks than they are later in the draft. There are no guarantees in any round, but look at how poorly things have turned out trying to draft a safety late. Six draft picks in five years and they still haven't addressed their problem. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The Cowboys continue to use mid to late picks on safeties and whiff. It might be time to try something different.


I do not agree that a "good center fielder" safety is the most vital. On defense, these days a top pass rusher is the most vital. We saw Payton Manning, a 50 plus td passer, only able to put up 1 td in the SB, because had a defender in his face many snaps, not allowing him the vision or the time to find and hit receivers. If Lawrence is as good as the Cowboys think, Selvie is just as good, Melton is back to his old form and Lee plays all year, I think the supposed "bad" safeties will suddenly get a lot better.


Woodson was mostly a linebacker in college, at 220 lbs he was bigger than most safeties. Ed Reed, one of the top safeties in the last few years, was only 200 lbs. Seems to me there are some "undersized" linebacker graduates that possibly could convert to safety.
Worth a shot...

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