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The common thread for Tiger Woods & Tony Romo is not hot blondes

U135P200T1D314389F8DT20100414205009Proving just how cool he is, Tony Romo is not only scoring repeated invites to the White House Correspodents' Dinner, but he is kicking it with golf's best players. Turns out Mr. Romo has some applicable advice for the world's best golfer.

And, it also turns out, they both like hot blondes ... weird, huh?

Tiger Woods, who has been out since having microdiscectomy surgery on March 31, said he has been talking to the Cowboys starting quarterback about their bad backs.

In this lengthy blog entry on his own website, Woods went into great detail about his recovery, and revealed this:

"Tony Romo had the exact same procedure as I did. I talked to him a lot about it because he was in a lot of pain after a game against the Washington Redskins. He just couldn't function anymore."


Romo suffered his latest back injury in a win at Washington December 22. In reviewing that game, it is all the more impressive Romo was able to do what he did - completed 17 of 27 passes for 226 yards with two touchdowns, including the game-winner with 68 seconds remaining in the game.

Nfl-date-jessica-simpson-jpgTiger, who has been limited to four tournaments this season, is 38 and it looks increasingly like he will miss the U.S. Open.
Romo, who had his surgery the week after that win in Washington, is 34 and it looks increasingly like he will not do much this offseason other than recover.

No two backs are the same, but misery can be similar.









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