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The Daily Oklahoman got it right but handled it wrong

KD daily oklahoman_1398966368767_4320806_ver1.0_640_480More proof that people don't (can't?) read, The Daily Oklahoman made nation-wide news on Thursday with this banner headline to describe Kevin Durant's play in the first round series against the Memphis Grizzlies.

This headline, and accompanying story by long-time columnist Barry Tramel, were both fine. Tramel merely wrote that the pride of OKC basketball was not having a great series.

God forbid anybody bother to read the smaller words, but Thursday morning the people at the paper were besieged by angry fans and readers who did not support such headlines; good bet they didn't bother to read the column.

The problem was the Thunder, at the time, trailed the seventh-seeded Grizzlies 3-2 in the Western Conference first round series. The Thunder's three losses were all in OT. The best player - KD - was not having a Superman series, and Trammel merely pointed that out.

The one thing Middle Earth sports fans do not want to read is their sports heroes getting ripped. Especially a sports hero who can become a free agent after the '15-'16 season, and could flee to Los Angeles.

Durant's mother, Wanda Pratt, Tweeted, "Typical Oklahoman on Kevin. UNBELIEVABLE! KEVIN is RELIABLE!!"

Did she read it? If she had, it was a fair look at Durant's series, and how he compared against some of the other great players in the history of the NBA at the same age. (wonder if Wanda Pratt ever complained to The Oklahoman when the paper threw rose petals at her son when maybe, just maybe, it was a bit unwarranted?)

UnknownUnder intense criticism, The Daily Oklahoman editor Mike Sherman issued an explanation that bordered on an apology to mollify the masses: "The words were overstated and unduly harsh. The headline and presentation left the impression that we were commenting on Durant's season, career or even character. We were not. We were referring only to the Memphis series."

Then they issued this apology. WHY???

Neither Sherman nor his paper did not need to issue anything other than to standby what his paper published. It was fine.
Durant, who scored 36 points in Game 6 on 11-of-23 shooting in the Thunder's 104-84 win in Game 6 of the series, will now forever jokingly be referred to as Mr. Unreliable.

And it proves that a few people still read a newspaper. We're not dead yet!!!!


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Why did I know you wrote this before I opened the link lol

Kenneth Scott

Engel what have you been smoking. That arctile is absurd and so are you. Anyone who has been following K.D's career knows that one game doesn't warrant this type of statement,and yes I can read but the question is can you. This is why people stopped buying newspapers. Because they are so self motivated by personal opinions.By the way I got my paper from the trash.

David Deal

The problem is the headline did not reflect the article which is getting to be a common theme in newspapers, internet news and even TV news. Durant is not Unreliable. Having a Bad Series-yes. Headline could have read--

Durant Having a Bad Series

and no one would have had an argument. Problem is reporters think they must have a "tease", hence the headline.


Your article is absurd and outrageous. The way you have judged KD using just one series, I am going to judge your professional abilities using just this one article and sir you suck. Don't be one of those sportswriters who are angry because their dreams of becoming professional athletes never came to fruition. And yes i can read and i read the entire article before i form an opinion. A big shame you even went after KD's mom!!! She raised Kevin, she knows her son and most importantly she k

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