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The Nolan Ryan Curse is killing the Texas Rangers

UnknownNext up: It's Mitch Moreland bobblehead night ... every night.

The Curse of Nolan Ryan, first thought just to be a little joke, is now an honest-to-God real thing. It's only a matter of time before Harvey Weinstein makes this Rangers' season into a movie.
This disaster is so big the Rangers now qualify for aid from FEMA. 

Rangers GM Jon Daniels confirmed that big-time offseason acquisition Prince Fielder is out for the year to have fusion surgery in his neck. The good news is the Rangers only have six more years remaining on his contract, plus the fact he had been a dud so far; he was batting .247 with three home runs and 16 RBI in 150 at bats.

JD also said that second baseman Jurickson Profar reinjured his shoulder during his rehab, and it looks like he is out for the year, too.

Oh, and outfielder Dan Robertson has what sounds like a broken face.

Take a look at the projected starting lineup, and specifically the Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Curse of Nolan Ryan has done to this team.

C: Geovany Soto (leg) 60 day DL. Placed on 3/30.
1B: Prince Fielder (neck). Out for the year.
2B. Jurickson Profar (shoulder). Out for the year.
SS: Elvis Andrus. Healthy, and batting a stout .249.
3B: Adrian Beltre. Has been on DL once, but is playing now.
LF: Shin Soo Choo. Healthy. Batting .310.
CF: Leonys Martin. Healthy. Batting .288.
RF: Alex Rios. Healthy. Batting .304.
DH: Mitch Moreland. Healthy as a horse that can't hit all that well.

SH90H.St.58SP: Yu Darvish. Best player on the team
SP: Derek Holland. 60 day DL. May be back by All-Star break.
SP: Matt Harrison. Out for year. Back.
SP: Martin Perez. Out for year. Elbow

And now some of the rest: 
OF Dan Robertson. Apparently smashed his face to hell in the Rangers' win at Detroit.
P Joe Saunders. Ankle. 15 day DL. Who cares when he comes back?
2B Donnie Murphy. Neck. 15 day DL. Out 'til late May.
3B Kevin Kouzmanoff. Back. 15 day DL. Out 'til late July.
P Joe Ortiz. Foot. 60 day DL. 
P Pedro Figueroa. 60 day DL. Likely out for season.
RF Jim Adduci. Finger. 15 day DL.

All of this happened AFTER Nolan Ryan left. This is no longer a coincidence. This is a baseball nightmare. 

On a conference call Thursday afternoon, I asked Rangers GM Jon Daniels if he was surprised by the news that Fielder is gone for the year, and if any sort of contingency plan exists for such a horror show.

"My reaction, unfortunately, I was not surprised," he said.

After all that has happened, how could he be surprised? And, no, there is no Plan B when 14 players are on the disabled list.

What there is, however, is Mitch Moreland bobblehead night ... every night.

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Timothy Schmidt

I'm sorry ... Nolan Ryan gets WAY too much credit for being a Texas Rangers icon. He was a great pitcher who pitched on terrible Rangers teams. He sold tickets for a bad team. As CEO, he was in charge of baseball operations. In no way, shape, or form did he have any hands-on work with our pitchers on a regular basis. Jon Daniels has built this team from the day he was hired, Ron Washington has led this team since the day he was hired, and the Texas Rangers have been the most successful they have ever been in the franchise's history. Let's not forget that the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays are the ONLY AL teams to post 90 wins the last 4 years in a row. You cannot predict ball, you cannot predict injuries, and you certainly cannot blame the leadership team for it. Giving Nolan Ryan credit for creating a "curse" is simply giving him WAY too much credit for things he didn't do.

Bryan Newell

Stop with this stupid S**t Nolan was a great pitcher he was a figure head as president and a face man as owner double the DL over the next most Washington has nothing to do with having Nolan or not having Nolan as your figure head it is sports there are injuries we have been the victim off lots of them this year when we went to back to back world series we had very few. Like life sometimes baseball is not fair. So please write a sports article not some political piece on Nolan's departure . He is with the Astro's now they have the worst record in the league is that his fault ? NO Is Josh Daniels responsible for all our injuries NO! Get over this Nolan Curse stupidity.

nolan ryan express

Jon Daniels is a total joke. Nolan Ryan was this team. Every fan in America knew he when he left so did every chance we had of winning.


The Rangers are one game under .500 and have won their last two games. If you think about where they should be given the litany of injuries, they'd be 15 games out already. The story here isn't the Nolan Ryan curse, rather how this rag-tag lineup is able to play .500 baseball and continue to make the season relevant. As I look over the list, most of the guys will be back during the season, but it is true that a few of stars won't. Dat's the way baseball go. If the healthy guys on the roster can just hold the fort for a little while longer, the Rangers can still make a mid to late season run as the injured players start to get healthy.

the curse

The curse is for real. It ain't something dreamed up by the media. Rangers are done

the ryan express curse

It ain't just a curse, it's a fast acting curse. We should have never got rid of Ryan. Now we are stuck with Daniels. His stupidness is its own kind of curse. I hope we can get this thing undone. The fans deserve better.


Here we go again with some silly thing Randy Galloway slug up against the wall and now ST writers are trying to make stick...there is no curse guys it's called injuries and that part of any sport.

Ray Klepper

Should never had gotten rid of Nolan. He was the winning symbol for players. I think just his presence have them more will to win. I hate to say it but I think they are done for season. No pitching. It's sporadic. One good day 2 bad days. An these pitchers that were on DL an have come back. Nothing but maybe 3 or 4 innings an Rangers down by same amount of runs. When are they going to get pitching???


I'm a long time St. Louis Cardinal are the lessons:

Lesson 1: After you have a successful season, you might sometimes have to let some players go. Salaries, injuries, age, up and coming players, all factor in. For better or worse, players are fungible.

Lesson 2: After a successful season, you never, ever change the front office. Never. Ever.


Why the non-surprise from Jon boy regarding Fielder? Looks like he bought damaged goods with guaranteed money. Rarely pays to pay the big bucks.

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