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Tim Love responds to the Colonial "critics"

TimCelebrity chef Tim Love (@cheftimlove) heard you, and me, and just about everybody else who attended the 2014 Crowne Plaze Invittional at Colonial who was not happy with the concessions, which he ran for the first time.

Although not completely thrilled with some of the things I had written, Love was nice enough to give me some time and answer some questions about what happened.

Tim's opening comment:
As a long term resident and business owner in Fort Worth, being involved in this year's Colonial tournament has been a highlight in my career. 
The problems that occurred around the food service this year are squarely on me. Having the benefit of this year's experience, I feel very confident in our ability to apply what we learned from what went right and wrong to create a hospitality experience that is on par with the world class golf tournament that is Colonial.

What went wrong? The unexpected added attendance we started getting large ad-ons to the sky boxes on Wednesday evening. This really threw us for a bit of a loop. When you prepare for 25,000 meals and all of the sudden you need 35,000 it is almost impossible to compensate the way we were set up.  All sky box orders are required to be in a month in advance so that we can prepare appropriately.  We take into account a 10 percent variance but not 35 percent.
So, quite frankly we did not achieve success on Thursday or Friday. We worked diligently through the night every night starting Wednesday night playing catch up until finally Saturday we caught up.  
When did you know this was coming? We knew there was going to be problems as soon as we got the large add ons.
UnknownDid you hear the criticism during the tournament, or after? Yes we heard criticisms (during). Food was late in some sky boxes and did not meet the demands of the increased numbers.  We also heard about the big lines at the concession stands, and saw them. We had lots of problems with the credit card machines that really slowed the lines, and the volunteers serving the lines.
We did everything we could to move the lines faster and i think we came up with some good interim solutions by Saturday. As far as hole 13 goes, there were so many people there you couldn't tell if you were in line or just hanging out. We plan to expand that footprint.  
Do you get why people were so mad? I completely understand why people were frustrated. If I had to stand in line for 30 minutes for a beer, I would be frustrated too.  We have already created a solution for that for next year.  
 While I can explain myself 10 ways to Sunday, I am not an excuse kind of person.  My team put forth every effort they had. We faced some very unexpected challenges, but my challenges should not be the guests challenges. I know that.  At the end of the day it is my name on the board and it is my responsibility to make it happen the right way for the guests.  That is what we are good at and it is what we do best.
In this particular case I didn't produce that and it is my fault.  Nobody else's.  On the flip of that we have gotten many compliments on the food especially compared to last year. So, our focus has already been turned to next year and assuring the guest experience will be exponentially better.
We are diligently working with the corporate sponsors to refund money on our mistake while also gathering every bit of info we can to insure next year is a huge success.
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Yes, the lines were pretty bad. On 13 on Friday, we waited in a line at the Ultra tent. It never moved. People wanted to buy buckets of beer but they were out of the buckets. Those of us who wanted only 1 beer were out of luck while the volunteers were running around trying to find some buckets. We went to 10 and waited 15 min. for beers. I will say, those parmesan truffle fries are ADDICTING though!


I appreciate the fact that Tim Love accepted
responsibility for the delays! Although it doesn't sound if it was all his fault. I am familiar with the catering industry and w the large increase in demand MOST of site caterers would have really struggled to keep up w demand. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN THE FUNK MR LOVE. Your eateries are loved by many!!


What I get from this article and Tim Love's comments is someone who is taking responsibility and not making excuses. That is rare nowadays. He acknowledged the problems and doesn't try to hide from it. Good for you, Tim Love! We all learn and grow from mistakes and we go on! This makes me respect you because of the way you have responded.


Wow, somebody actually being professional and accountable. This is refreshing. I know in my business that if mistakes are made I don't have to read about it in the paper, online, or any kind of media. Business owners in the food and beverage industry take a lot of heat. Mr. Love have provided this town with a lot of good eats and national exposure. Don't you think he deserves the chance to improve. Com'on Fort Worth.


I asked for a Love Burger with no cheese and was told that they only sold cheeseburgers, even though there were eight patties cooking on the grill with no cheese. I had a hot dog instead, and it was good. No complaints on the Sunday concession lines.

scott d


Blake Horn

I will be extremely upset with Colonial if they allow Tim Love back next year to provide food to the patrons. It was a joke his catering and not well suited to be at a golf tournament such as colonial. If he wants to go to a golf event so bad try the Byron. I think he is much better suited to fit out there! Tim your food was awful!


NO ONE standing in line for a freaking beer should gripe until they have busted their tail out at Colonial for a few days working a food concession. Did it once, made good money, but that is some hard work. Better luck next year.


Tim Love ALWAYS has an excuse when the commentary about him is not glowing. The fact is, he's NOT a celebrity chef anymore. He is an above average REGIONAL chef. That's all.
And the fact that he couldn't handle the Colonial - "as a long-term resident and business owner" that SHOULD be familiar with the crowds and ESTIMATED attendance - only adds to the fact that Tim Love cares about one thing...
(Wait for it)
Tim Love.
He wants so badly to be the face of Fort Worth, all the while he is making costly mistakes that put a black eye on this city that he allegedly cares so much for.
Tim, step aside. You're a quasi-celebrity at best. Be a chef. Stop trying to be a name, a brand or the face of a city.

Lydia Vasquez

I too was told that the burgers came with cheese. They wouldn't serve me one without. How odd! Dear Colonial, do us all a favor do NOT bring Tim Love into another event ever. This mediocre food, at best is not suited for The Colonial. Food was awful, lines were awful, experience was awful equals foul. He' cannot handle the event. I do give him an "A" for owning his blunders.


Way to throw the VOLUNTEERS under the bus, Tim Love.


Tim Love is a arrogantmedia whore, but it's finally caught up to him. If you want a real chef, and more importantly a man that knows how to manage/operate, hire John Bonnell.

He's Fort Worth's real celebrity Chef...he's just modest about it. Tim Love should take some personality & operation lessons from Bonnell.


I guess it looks like I will be sneaking my own food into the tournament next year. I look forward to Colonial every year, however knowing Tim Love will be dominating every food stand at the tournament again, makes me wonder if this tournament is taking a turn for the worst. What happened to good old-fashioned golf tournament food? Hot dogs, nachos, corn dogs, you know, something that isn't overpriced because it has a weird name with "Love" attached to it. The pulled pork tamales—get real, a Whataburger taquito tasted better than those.
I’m just saying, why are the board members choosing one person to control all of the food? Shouldn't they be “catering” to everyone's taste? I think most of Fort Worth can say Tim has done enough...
But he could have at least handed out a few graphic tees to those who had to wait in the longest lines.


Lame excuse!!! And there was a whole course and not just sky boxes!! And did not get better as week went on, but got WORSE.!!! Friday was bad on service so went back Saturday thinking what any normal person would do and add more people to concessions to speed service up. Nope!! Same amount and was 2-3 worse service, and prob avg 30 minute lines. Why no showed on Sunday with lot of others.

After this performance if Loves's back, shame on Colonial. Get professionals that know how to handle public events and not a Resteraunt or two. If people put this effort at normal job most people wouldn't have a job that Monday.


Imagine the embarrassment amongst my group when I had to run to the portal-potty and stay there after i had eaten the cheese on the nachos. An "A" for owning up but an "F" for real time food and blunders. Isn't this what we're looking for "real time, not what could have been"?

Karen Smart

I'm wondering why anyone would want to
put their name on concession food anyway...

Tiger Woods

Tim Love is the reason I don't play Colonial. He's a racist, and he doesn't cater to colored golfers. Hey Tim, I'm half Chinese, give a half brother a break.


Tim Love is the worst. Can his food taste any worse??? The guy is 5x the celebrity he is a chef. Don't eat his cooking. It tastes like garbage.


Not cool to throw the volunteers under the bus Tim


Throwing the volunteers under the bus by Tim Love is no real surprise. This is not the volunteer's first rodeo. This is Tim Love's first rodeo. He is the inexperienced one here. And it showed itself in very ugly ways.
The majority of the organizations have been working the same concessions stands at Colonial for over 10 years. A few organizations are newer.
Thing is, these organizations are mostly school Booster Clubs, trying to earn money for their kids. All of the organizations are 5013c3, and staffed by mom's and dad's who have taken off of work for every kid in their organization/sport/fine art.
In the article, Tim is concerned about the sky boxes but does not address the lack of food and the bad quality of food in the concessions. He personally told us to sell 3 day old food. That is right. What was delivered on Monday, was still being sold to you patrons on Wednesday. What we ran out of, took days to get replenished. Not every item got replenished. When it did, it was enough to last another 2-3 days.
Tim Love was personally rude and arrogant to the volunteers in our concession stand and over the top insulting, rude, and condescending to another booster club from our school. Tim and his wife were so grossly abusive, the the Colonial staff had to intervene.
Tim Love knew exactly the crowds they were expecting. Tim's own training person, Jason, told us that in the mandatory training all volunteers had to attend (a first for any volunteer group). Tim wanted us to all be acquainted with the restaurant POS system, among things like no burger will be served without cheese.
The reason lines improved is because they finally wised up for Saturday and ditched using the POS system. This allowed every volunteer to wait on patrons, and not just the "waiter" holding the POS system.
If you want the real story why the Colonial was a failure when it came to food, service, lines, etc, ask the experienced people on the front lines who have been doing this for a long time. Contact the heads of the booster clubs.
Colonial is already on this. All of the heads of booster clubs who worked Colonial have been asked by Colonial to give feedback. So while it may not make the paper, or blog, those whose ears need to hears, will do so.

Melissa (Pearce) Cowart

@LP - You are exactly right.
Money is being taken from booster clubs that have depended on this event for years to support the entire year's worth of activities.
Until this year is was a well-oiled machine of parents and alumni coming together to support the school and participate in the community.
The numbers that are coming in (tips only because of the POS screw-ups), are already down nearly $3,000!!!

TIM - I was in the service industry for a very long time. YOU are only as good as your staff. If you were smart, you would have collaborated with the booster club and the volunteers that have made this a successful event for YEARS.
Your EGO and inability to foster collaboration with the team of people that make this happen is the ONLY reason this event was a FAIL.

Case in point:
People were standing in line for beer for 30 min only to get to the tent where they bought beer, and a burger, last year only there was NO BEER. I guess you decided to move all liquor to another location?? Did you ask anyone about that? Was there any way-finding or signage? You, my friend need a lesson in change management.
Sunday morning alcohol sales?? - You are a TX resident, no? Are any of your restaurants open on Sunday? You OF ALL PEOPLE should know that you need to sell food and booze TOGETHER before noon... and who wants to wait until then? Not me.

TIM LOVE is not suited to cater this event, or any event in my opinion. I think others share my opinion which is why the Board of the Colonial will be hearing from all of the lowly volunteers who "couldn't seem to pull this off".

Stick to the kitchen, Tim.

Grady Geers

Deuce on Camp Bowie. Fail.
Love Shack on 7th. Fail.
Love Shack at Oui. Fail.
Love Shack at Stockyards. It's an alley with no rent.
Woodshed. Insider below-market deal that would fail @ market rents.

Yep, he's awesome. Oh, unless he has to actually compete.


I completely agree with @Chad. Let's bring some class back to Colonial next year. John Bonnell would do an incredible job and he would do it with class, humility and professionalism. The food this year was the WORST. I waited in line for beer at 13 for 45 minutes because the credit card machine was down. Not only was the food terrible but the way Tim Love and his wife treated the volunteers and service staff is enough for him to be banned from Colonial FOR-E-VER! Unforgiveable. Dear Tim Love, please move to Dallas where you belong! You are an embarassment.

p.s.-I am still not over how much you ruined The Oui. Awful.



'Could not get a Love Burger on Monday, settled for the Flat Dog ... it was aptly named. It was not tasty and the bun was dry. No relish available either. Wednesday, 11:00: no burgers available at the 3 stands I went to and when I finally got one at a hospitality tent, the one strand of lettuce was wilted and the bun saturated by the squashed tomato.

'Felt really badly for the concessionaires having to apologize for something not under their control.

This was a classic example of a person without requisite experience or expertise branching into something about which hey knew not enough.

How many of us predicted this outcome?

Lots of Love Lost!

Bruce Mauldin

Ben Hogan is rolling over in his grave! BTW -- Saying the words "there's no excuse" while making a flimsy excuse is called making a flimsy excuse. Fort Worth deserves and needs better, and the Colonial Board would be nuts to reward this guy with a repeat performance opportunity.

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