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2 reasons why the '22 World Cup needs to be in the U.S. & Jerry World

ImagesNot sure which is more absurd - that we thought Qatar landed the 2022 World Cup without bribing FIFA officials, or the same organization that accepted bribes by the millions can conduct a legit investigation into its own gross misconduct.

FIFA investigating itself is like the time when South American drug lord Pablo Escobar served jail time in a posh prison he himself built, and had free access to leave when he wanted.

The bid should never have been awarded Qatar in the first place. Handing a massive international event to a small country of rougly 200,000 was like holding up a banner that read: "Thanks For The Bribes!"

"We were the one that was supposed to get that tournament," FC Dallas president Dan Hunt told me; both Dan along with his brother Clark were active in the Dallas and North Texas to help with the U.S. bid for the '22 tournament.

Reports from London have surfaced that FIFA officials accepted bribes in excess of $5 million to award the tournament to the Middle Eastern hot zone of Qatar.

Meanwhile, ESPN aired this scathing report of inhumane worker conditions at the stadium sites in Qatar as well as numerous civil rights violations.

691Despite the fact that Qatar's building projects are well underway for the '22 tournament, there is increased speculation, and reports from London, that the event may be stripped in light of the enormous amounts of negative publicity.

What could tip the whole Qatar 2022 World Cup bid is major corporate sponsors Sony and Addidas insisting an investigation be conducted. According to that report by Bloomberg, Coca Cola and Visa Inc. have also expressed concern over this bid, leading to wide speculation that under intense public criticism FIFA could rescind the tournament to Qatar and re-open the bribery bid process.

If that happens, and it's a long shot, the U.S. is a logical choice for 2022, and AT&T Stadium in Arlington should be considered for the championship match.

1.) All of the stadiums are built.
2.) Jerry World is the best.

6956398635_d220bf6d35Other than the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., which hosted the '94 World Cup title match, AT&T Stadium can hit the 100,000 mark. The only strikes, and these are big ones, are the fact it's not in Los Angeles or New York.

The U.S. thought it was going to land the '22 bid, which was going to include AT&T Stadium as a potential venue for a match. In '94, the Cotton Bowl was a site for early round matches. When the '22 bid was handed to Qatar, most of the American "delegates" who lobbied for the U.S. were enraged, including former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

"If it is rescinded, I would think the U.S. has the chance to get it. We have the facilities. We have the infrastructure in place," Dan Hunt said. "There is building pressure on FIFA to take the tournament out of the countries that don't have the money to spend that money on their people."

"If the vote was legitimate, then absolutely Qatar and those people should have it. If indeed that vote was from ill-gotten gains and votes were bought, it should be moved."

It will take considerable pressure from the international business community for FIFA to rescind the Qatar vote, and re-open this process. If it does, the U.S. and AT&T Stadium are easy - and PR safe - selections.

If you have time ... click this link for John Oliver's slightly NSFW assault on FIFA. 


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