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An NFL kicker breaks down the US in the World Cup

UnknownIRVING, Texas - Dan Bailey played high school select soccer, but it's a fair bet he is today known more for his career as a football player than a futbol player (my God - that it outstanding).

The kicker for the Dallas Cowboys is, as you might expect, a bit of a futbol fanatic. In fact, if you listen to the man talk it sounds like there is a decent part of him that wishes he had continued his futbol career, rather than give it up to pursue kicking a football. 

"I don't regret it," he told me. "I do think, deep down, soccer is what I am passionate about. Don't get me wrong, I do love what I do. It's a completely different mindset and different kind of fitness level. No regrets, but I wish I would have kept playing."

Yeeeaahhh ... full ride to Oklahoma State kicking, now he is a secure NFL kicker. Probably the right call to play football.

That said, this is still a man who knows the beautiful game. He follow the EPL and the Spanish league. Here are his thoughts regarding the USMNT's win over Ghana, and the upcoming group play matches v. Portugal and Germany:

On the big win against the hated Ghana side: "The fact they overcame the loss of Jozy Altidore says a lot, but they have to keep possession more. Michael Bradley has to get involved more. They can't just bang it down the field and maybe work it up the field."

On playing Porgual: "If Portugal plays the way it did against Germany, we have a shot. They are so skilled on the ball, that is going to cause some problems. I don't think our guys are as skilled."

Getting out of group play: "If the U.S. can get a point against Portugal, I don't see how they would not make it out of the group play. If they get three points, obviously no question."

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