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Baseball, & the Rangers, give you plenty of reasons to do the wave

RangersARLINGTON, Texas - Purists for years have complained and whined when "The Wave" breaks out at a baseball game, and now the Texas Rangers are actively working against this treasonous act.

The Rangers made headlines this week when it posted this sign on the videoboard in right field.

Make no mistake, there is some sincerity in this joke.

The core of the message is if you go to a baseball game you should watch the game. Yet the irony is if you go to a baseball game, especially with a family, is the team and the stadium give you 104 reasons NOT to watch the game.

IMG_0425For instance, the "Kids Zone" at The Rangers Ballpark is basically a Chuck E. Cheese - you don't even know you are attending a baseball game, and the kid is often more pleased to be here rather than in their seat.

Stadiums are equipped with clubs, bars and dozens of food and drink options, as baseball games have become a glorified State Fair with tricked up "bad" food.

This is to say absolutely nothing of baseball's increasingly painfully slow pace of play that has become a point of consternation for the members of the media who want to go home.

"I don't care if the game takes five hours," Miami Marlins infielder Jeff Baker told me. "Length of game, time of the game, pace of play - I never notice it. I really do think that is more of a media thing."

And he's right, until you take a kid to the game and realize how much slower an already slow game is moving. That the kid needs something to watch.

"Now that I can see," Baker said.

If baseball teams are going to actively promote and sell Kids Zones, stadium clubs, team Hall of Fames and browsing through many team stores or any other distraction from watching the game, it should have no problem with The Wave.


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People have fun doing the wave so who cares.

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