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BREAKING: LeBron coming to the Mavericks*

Sorry, that headline is an obvious troll but ... per ESPN, and numerous other outlets, are reporting that Miami Heat forward/guard/center/coach/GM LeBron James will opt out of his contract and will become a free agent on July 1.

Dirk-nowitzki-and-lebron-james-in-the-2011-nba-finalsJames, who signed with the Heat as a free agent in the summer of 2010, was scheduled to make $20 million this season. He had two years remaining on his deal that is now moot. Because, can you really live on $20 million in one year? Probably not.

Pretty sure LeBron will be the top free agent on the market, sorry Carmelo.

Also of note - reporter David Aldridge is reporting that LeBron teammate, and Dallas native, Chris Bosh is expected to opt out of his contract as well to become a free agent.

Once again, this will allow Mavs owner Mark Cuban to test his theory that he can sign the best free agents the NBA has to offer.

Since winning the 2011 NBA title, that plan has not gone great. Deron Williams and Dwight Howard both listened to the Mavs, and said no. Chris Paul never even listened. But, the team did sign Samuel Dalembert, so ... that's kinda like signing D12 or CP3.

Bet big money neither LeBron nor Carmelo Anthony, who will also become a free agent, will listen to the Mavs. Despite the Mavs having plenty of room under the salary cap, and one of the best coaches in the NBA, a committed owner, the team - for whatever reason - never has been able to lasso top tier free agents.

Chances are good that LeBron is trying to force Heat president Pat Riley into upgrading the team's roster,  and there is no greater leverage than threatening to leave.

Dirk Nowitzki can be a free agent, but he's not leaving. He would play for $10 bucks if it meant LeBron comes to the Mavs.

If LBJ really does intend to look, and he would be stupid not to, the Mavs at least have to try. At this point, it would be a win if he just listened to Cuban, Donnie Nelson and Dirk.

Stranger things have happened ... like the Mavs defeating LeBron's Heat in the '11 Finals. 

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