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Where are they now? Former UT star Jordan Shipley is a TV star

IMG_0505FORT WORTH, Texas - Jordan Shipley will forever be Colt McCoy's "best friend", but eventually he had to quit football because - of course - concussions. A third round pick of the Bengals in 2010, Shipley played three NFL seasons with three teams before he had to retire.

He finished with 79 career catches in the NFL with four touchdowns.

Today, he is a big shot actor TV host. He was in Fort Worth last week with the shooting of the movie about former UT football player Freddie Steinmark. "My All American".; Shipley plays a UT football player in the movie, and he has a few lines. 

What are you doing these days? I have a full plate right now. I host a couple of hunting shows for The Outdoor Channel (Bucks of Tecomate & Tecomate Whitetail Nation); it's my dream job. My favorite things in the world was to hunt and fish, and to be able to do something in that industry has been the ultimate goal. 

How did you get the job? I have Josh Hamilton to thank for it. It was not anything he did. He was supposed to come on a hunt with these guys in Texas at a famous ranch where they grow big deer; the deer grow more points. It's a company called Tecomate that does it. Out of all of that, they made a TV show and I knew about it.
They were supposed to have Josh on the show, and his whole family got sick. I was hunting in Amarillo when they called me and said they needed to film and asked if I could do it. They said, 'Can you be down here in 24 hours?'
I drove to Rotan to get my wife, down to Austin to get our stuff and then down to South Texas to the ranch. It was about 11 hours.
Then in the middle of the hunt I had to go Austin for a wedding and then go back.
The show went great. My wife came with me. Jeff Foxworthy, the comedian, was co-hosting the show. 

When was the last time you played? It's been a while. September last year. I was with Jacksonville. I got a call last week from a team that wanted me to try out at camp. I told them I was not interested. 

Why not? Because working with these TV shows is exactly what I am interested in. My wife was ready for me to be done, and done with the risk involved. The chance to be involved with the TV shows was too much to pass up.

Gyi0061608669.0_standard_709.0Where is your brother, Jacskon Shipley? He's still at Texas. He has one more year.

He does? I thought he was done. Everybody thinks he is done. I literally have this conversation eight times a day. He's still playing.

How did you get hooked up with this movie? Colt McCoy is consulting, and they called him and he called me and asked if I wanted to do it. I thought, with what I am doing I didn't know if I could swing it. But they wanted me to read for a line and a part for the movie and when they did that they cast me. I said, 'This is too cool to pass up.'

Who are you in the movie? I play (former Texas WR) Cotton Speyrer. 

Did you know the Freddie Steinmark story? Oh, yeah. Coach (Mack) Brown was great about teaching the history. When the players walk out of the tunnel for the games, we all hit Freddie Steinmark's (monument). It's a big deal. 
That's why I couldn't pass this up - being from Texas and playing for the University of Texas, a team that was a national championship team and such a great story.

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