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A sad end for one of TCU's highest ranked recruits

UnknownDALLAS, Texas - Not surprisingly, wide receiver Brandon Carter's career at TCU is pretty much over.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson said of the receiver, who in April was arrested on possession of marijuana (which was dropped), that Carter "Probably will not play this year. Academically he will not make it."

I asked GP if he hoped Carter would remain at TCU to regain eligibility and pursue his football career.

"No. He has a redshirt year and I think the best thing for him is to get a new start," he said. "It's setting a precedent - you have to go to school."

This is not for a lack of effort on the part of GP, or TCU. Even after his arrest in April, they tried to bring Carter along, but it just never worked. There were major maturity issues, not to mention a home situation for Carter that is far from great.

This is a sad ending for a player who had such high expectations when he signed with TCU. He was a *five-star recruit who picked TCU over Oklahoma. In three seasons - 2011 to 2013 - Carter caught 90 passes for 1,312 yards with nine touchdowns. As good as he was, he always left you wondering how much more there was.

"Both sides tried. Brandon did and we did. He has a chance out there someday," Patterson said. "He can still get his degree and do what he needs to do and still come out a winner."

* There is a great debate to exactly how many stars were behind Carter's name as a high school recruit. The vast majority insist it was no more than 4. My recollection was that Carter was a five when he was orally committed to Oklahoma, but became a four when he switched to TCU.


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Lyle Lanley

Your recollection? Is that the standard to which you hold your journalism students? Is this the standard to which your editor and your dean hold you?


To be fair, Lyle, this is a blog...which is a little more informal, of-the-cuff place to share one's thoughts.

I'm sure a published article in the newspaper requires a slightly higher standard...or at least that's what a nonjournalist such as myself would assume.

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