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Jerry Jones reminds us he is a great GM

Johnny-football-girl-beachJust in case Johnny Manziel is the NFL's next great quarterback, fans of the Dallas Cowboys can sleep safely knowing their fearless GM was "this close to" selecting JFF in the 2014 NFL draft.

Dallas Cowboys owner/GM/president said Sunday: "I want you to know that almost as I was handing in the card, it was that close to putting that Manziel card in. It was that close."

Knowing this franchise, do not be surprised, based on this development, if they begin printing Cowboys No. 2 Manziel jerseys.

Jerry added: "But Manziel is special. I know him personally. I know that he is going to be a success in the National Football League, and it was a hard decision. And it is one that I will probably have for the rest of my career think about.”

The Cowboys, with the 16th overall pick, selected Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin. Manziel dropped to 22 where the Browns grabbed him. He has been celebrating ever since.

This is classic media Jerry, and one of the many reasons edeots such as myself can't get enough of this man.

For weeks leading up to the draft the word from the Cowboys is they were not in the market to take a quarterback, primarily because of Tony Romo and his massive contract. Few expected Manziel to be available at 16 anyway. When he was, it was wonderful theatre to watch just the prospect of the most famous football franchise selecting college football's most famous player.

Johnny-manziel-dez-bryant-pool-partyAfter the Cowboys selected Martin, the Cowboys said there was no way they could have put Manziel on the sideline behind Romo. Tony Romo is 34 with a pair of recent back surgeries on his resume, but both he and the Cowboys expect him to play for several more seasons; that mindset alone made drafting JFF pointless.

But now Jerry is telling us he "was this close" to putting the JFF card in. If he had, this would have been another one of his "clear the room" moments in Cowboys Draft War Room history when he kicks everybody out to do whatever the hell he wants. 

Just in case JFF is a massive hit, Jerry has now covered his behind to tell you that he knew JFF was going to be a star, and that he was "this close" to taking him but instead yielded to his boring football people running the board.

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I'd rather be "this close to" one of Johnny Football's bikini-clad groupies.

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