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Neftali Feliz - take out the headphones

Photo-10ARLINGTON, Texas - This is not the world's best picture ... Wednesday evening on the concourse at the Ballpark, Texas Rangers reliever Neftali Feliz was signing autographs at a table for a long line of fans.

This is a normal promotion the team operates - put a player at a table for a predetermined length of time and he signs stuff.

Feliz, who by all accounts is a good dude, did his part but ... he may want to just consider to take the time to at least take out his headphones while signing his name.

Nothing screams "LEAVE ME ALONE" more than a person wearing headphones in a group. 

Nothing screams "I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE" by a pro jock than the "Why isn't this over already?" look complete with headphones that Feliz was sporting on Wednesday evening.

One ear piece to his smart phone was wedged into his left ear while the right one was hanging off the top.

This is very likely not the message Feliz wanted to convey to the adoring masses that were standing in line waiting for him to sign his name on a item.

Yes, it can be a bit annoying to suffer the adoring fans who want you to sign something, but either Feliz, or one of the Rangers' handlers running this event, should tell him to take out the headphones for the obvious reason - it just looks bad.


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He doesn't speak English so why place a player out their for autographs to fans when he can't even talk to the little kids that seeking to be next to a major league baseball player.

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