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On cue: The door is open for TCU to return Devonte Fields

7_733742As expected, things are beginning to move in favor of defensive end Devonte Fields and any attempt to come back to TCU this season.

According to this report in the Star-Telegram by Deanna Boyd, who obtained the court documents, the ex-girlfriend who claimed much in her original charge against Fields is backing off. Why does this ALWAYS happen?

Fields, who was named the Big 12's Preseason Defensive Player of the Year last week, had been removed from the team while the police investigation continued. He turned himself in on July 24 on charges of assault with bodily injury of a family member.

The original affidavit said that Fields lunged at his ex-girlfriend in a domsetic dispute at 3:30 a.m. on July 20 in a house near TCU. The affidavit from that evening also said his ex-girlfriend believed Fields had a handgun. According to the police report, the ex-girlfriend told authorities that she thought Fields pointed at gun at her and said, "I should blast you!"

There is no mention in this report that the ex-girlfriend has backed off her claims that Fields struck her.

Fields admitted to being at the house, but denied ever assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

The original affidavit, while not flattering, just barely contained enough outs and ifs that if (when) this story changed TCU could bring Fields back.

A high-ranking TCU administrator told me last week that if any part of this report was true, there was no way they would bring Fields back. Now, however, this new report makes it possible for a return. If Fields did indeed strike his ex-girlfriend, how can they bring him back? They shouldn't. Regardless of the rampant rumors and allegations around TCU right now regarding the circumstances of that evening, to work aroud the type of assualt alleged in the original report is nearly impossible. Nearly.

If she had not recanted on the gun, there is no way for his return. With assault, as the Ravens are witnessing with running back Ray Rice, TCU can suspend Fields, send him to counseling, rehab him, etc. and ride it out.

The question is Devonte Fields worth the worry and the headache?

ImagesI wrote last week they needed to be done with The Knucklehead Era, and despite this expected change to this story the risk/reward is still too great. Fields is one of those guys who likely would be better served to get the hell out of town, and far away from whatever negative influences he carries from his youth.

Since he arrived at TCU, Fields, 20, has been a dynamic player who has had trouble with a variety of issues. He was the Big 12's Defensive Player of the Year as a true freshman. Head coach Gary Patterson suspended him last season for a violation of team rules before he suffered an injury that ended his season.

The athletic director, Chris Del Conte, is a big believer in second, third, fourth or fifth chances. And he would be a big believer in second, third, fourth and fifth chances even if Fields was not good at sacking quarterbacks. That is Del Conte's personality for everybody, not just athletes.

Gary Patterson wants to win games, and help kids. Can you win with Devonte Fields if he is a distraction?  If he returns, bet big they will hide him far away from any camera other than on game days.

Fields is already projected as a first round NFL draft pick in 2015, assuming he comes out early, and all TCU would have to do is "keep him clean" for the fall. He would then drop out to prepare for the draft, and would no longer be TCU's problem.

Fall practice is about to begin, and the PR door is open for GP, CDC and TCU to consider bringing Fields back for another shot.

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If the other players want him on the team, I hope he returns. For two reasons. One , GP will finally have a Big 12 year with ALL his arrows in his quiver and we will see how TCU stacks up. Two, Fields can maximize his NFL contract value which is good for him and his family.

andrew in lubbuck

GP better have a good year soon or his tenure at TCU will be over even sooner. The guy has been recruiting thugs. Time for the little school in Fort Worth to grow up.

Johnny Frog

He should be allowed to come back because winning football games is more important than being a decent person.
Go Toads!


Hoping that Devonte DOES come back and seizes the opportunity to show over the next TWO years that he CAN get it together and focus on both his football and education. That would be great for him,the team AND hopefully INCREASE his draft value too. Win, Win, Win all the way around. Give the young man another chance . . .

frog stain

Football is a brutal sport; if you can call it a sport at all


To Andrew in Lubbock: GP's "tenure" in Fort Worth has been going on since Coach Bro was in middle school. It will still be going on long after he has been fired in Lubbock. And if TCU recruits are "thugs" then we should have gotten Nigel Bethel, huh

g. trevino

andrew in lubbock you can only hope gary patterson would be leaving because you know it's only a matter of time that the frogs will start dominating this conference. we have and have had the players to do it barring of field and injury issues. you guy's in lubbock are delusional but, i guess you guy's have to be that way to keep the faith so to speak.

Daniel from Dallas, Tx

GP is a bigger criminal than the thugs he recruits and it's only getting worse for TCU. Patterson is desperate for a winner in Fort Worth. Trust me, more of GP's kids will wind up in jail b4 he brings a title to TCU. Fire GP and have a little self respect.

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