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Ron Washington's on Jeter's famous "Flip" - "It wasn't that great of a play"

Derek+Jeter+Detroit+Tigers+v+New+York+Yankees+SGroUt0BZhUlARLINGTON, Texas - Texas Rangers Ron Washington had one of the best views possible of the best, or most famous, play ever made by Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

Wednesday is the final scheduled appearance for Mr. Jeter at the Ballpark in Texas, meaning all things Jeter are up for discussion.

Wash' was the third base coach for the Oakland Athletics during the 2001 American League Division Series. The A's led the best-of-five series two games to none, but trailed at home against the Yankees 1-0 in the bottom of the seventh inning when Jeter made his famous play.

A's outfielder Terrance Long hit a ball sharply down the right field line that should have scored Jeremy Giambi from first base, but he was thrown at out home thanks to an incredible catch and flip by Jeter.

Watch it here: 


"It wasn't that great of a play," Wash' said. "(To get to the ball) was something that every major league shortstop would have done.

"What he did that was so special was how he got the ball to (catcher Jorge) Posada. He curved the ball back so all Posada had to do (Washington barely turned his body to duplicate Posada's movement to tag out Giambi). There was serious intent to put the ball there. That was the play."

I asked Wash' if he remembers his reaction.

"My reaction was ... there are women in here," he said. "My reaction was (Giambi) had to slide. Just slide. That's a big run. ... (the series) all changed right there. It changed just like that."

The Yankees won Game 3 1-0, and the next two games of the series to advance to the ALCS.

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