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The Raiders in San Antonio - over Jerry's dead body

San-antonioIf it wasn't so sad it would be rather funny, but the report that the Oakland Raiders flirted with San Antonio about possibly relocating there is the worst kind of tease there is in professional sports, not to mention local governments.

Because the city of Los Angeles cannot get its stuff together to build a stadium to attract a franchise, it has left what few teams that actually "need" a new home scrambling to find a desperate city to use as leverage. San Antonio has to know it's getting played.

Jerry Jones is powerful enough that even in death he would stop any franchise from making San Antonio it's home. As far as Jerry Jones sees it, San Antonio is his, and no string of playoff-less seasons will ever stop that.

Al-davis-11-100811When the New Orleans Saints briefly re-located to San Antonio in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there were all sorts of speculation and reports that team owner Tom Benson wanted to move to the Alamo Sucker City That would have meant three NFL teams in Texas, and zero in Los Angeles.

While Jerry smiled and said he would be fine with an NFL team in S.A., he never meant it. Jerry wants a team in Los Angeles, and not another franchise 220 miles down the road that could potentially eat in his market. How the NFL is this big, this powerful and this profitable without a team in this nation's second largest market speaks to the encompassing popularity of the league.

At the time, Jerry gleefully went along with the NFL's plan to dump money into the aging Superdome as part of the plan to rebuild New Orleans. Secretly, however, both he and other powerful NFL execs fully expected the plan to fail, and that the team would move to L.A. 

1200xBut the Saints, thanks to head coach Sean Payton and QB Drew Brees, actually "got good", won a Super Bowl, and now are one of the league's most successful franchises. Good teams don't move.

The Raiders, however, stink. And they continue to play in the junky Coliseum. What a wonderful combination. Al Davis may be dead, but his spirit of screwing cities out of millions they don't have endures. Mark Davis has confirmed that the Raiders and the City of Oakland are in discussions to build a new stadium. Reportedly, the state of California is just about in default and dead broke, yet somehow will find a few hundred million dollars to fund a football stadium for a league that profits in the billions ... works for me.

Meanwhile, just in case Oakland is not serious about this spending, the Raiders show a little flesh to the city of San Antonio with the idea that maybe - just maybe - they will get lucky. Don't worry, Jerry will never allow S.A. to get that lucky.




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