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The secret behind Kliff Kingsbury's magical bro beard

DALLAS, Texas - Rugged good looks. Cartoonishly handsome. Other wordly hair. A chin that makes the angels cry. A nose so impressive it casts a shadow over the sun. 

These are just some of the descriptions that are often used to describe me, and Texas Tech men's head football coach, Kliff Kinsbury - aka - Coach Bro.

IMG_0749Up close and personal, Kliff's got it. This is a good looking man with fantastic hair, a stout nose, but it's his Ryan Gosling-style beard that sets him apart from the rest of us, unfairly good looking people.

What is his secret to that magical beard that looks like it never grows, but maintains that cool-guy stubble without looking like he is a disheveled bum?

"It's year of practice," he told me. "Actually, I'm too lazy to shave every single day. I just work at it every three or four days."

Since this is Coach Bro's second season, he anticipates this Red Raiders team will be less about him, and the fact that he looks like he is a frat house president, and more about the players.

"I think the players that we recruit know I played, and played fairly recently, and still can throw and run and do things like that," he said.

As far as the reputation that Coach Bro is also a current Phi Si president who can organize a party complete with T-shirts? 

"It's all good. I don't get too involved with it," he said. "All pub' is good pub at this point I guess."


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