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Tony Dorsett is doing stem cell treatment & would let his grandson play football

Unknown-1Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett was interviewed by his son, Anthony Dorsett, on Tuesday morning on New School on 105.3 The Fan and said he is "in the fight" and currently undergoing stem-cell therapy in Mexico to fight the effects of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy).

Anthony Dorsett asked his dad: "Would you let your grandson play football?"

His dad said: "I most certainly would. I think it's a good game. ... It was the same thing with you, Anthony. You got the (football) bug."

A few months ago, this article in D Magazine chronicled Dorsett's current condition, which is not ideal.

I asked Dorsett, 60, if he felt playing was worth it, and would he do it differently?

"Uhh ... I mean, it was worth it to me. It's not what I am going through," Tony D said. "If I knew back then what I know now, some of the things I did - like going back into the game (after he sustained a big hit), I would not have thought about going back into the game. A lot of the technology and things that were not known like they are today. I love football. If I knew then what I know now, about concussions, I would not have gone back into the football game.

"Football is a great game. It's unfortunate for myself and a lot of other guys. When we signed up for this game, we know there is a possibility of being critically injured or, in some results, death. That's what we put up with as football players. Again, I've gone through a lot of injuries. I would have been more thoughtful about going back in if I knew in the future I would have been going through what I am currently. I would not have subjected myself to more abuse."

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