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Uncomfortable questions with actor Zach Gilford

IMG_0561DALLAS, Texas - Zach Gilford is a few years removed from his role as the high school quarterback in the TV show "Friday Night Lights", and now he is a horror movie actor.

Gilford stars in the new Purge: Anarchy, with his wife, Kiele Sanchez. We recently sat down for a few Uncomfortable Questions.

What was it like to shoot a film with your wife? They didn't know. They were interested in both of us for the film, but they didn't know we were married. I was talking to the director and he was asking me what my wife did, if she was in the business. I knew Kiele had already gone in to talk to them, and I said - yeah, her name is Kiele Sanchez. The director said, 'That's your wife? She is the only picture on my board. She is the best actress we've seen.'

So great, someone gets a role and gets paid! Yeah, exactly. Gradually, as we were filming the crew would figure it out.

Then what was it like to film a scene in the film where you two discuss getting divorced? It's acting. It's not that hard. I think it would be difficult to have a sex scene with someone else in the same movie. That would be weird. In this, you make it a fight. We've had fights before. It doesn't carry over. 

Any dialouge from the script that you thought you didn't want to go there with Kiele? You do run that risk, and get into it and needle the person. I would never do that. I would rather have a bad scene than have it affect my marriage. You do have the script before and you know what you are in for. We didn't have any worries.

Is there any competition, or fear of, working with your spouse in the same field for roles? No, because we are not going after the same parts. We are never going to be up for the same part. If it was this movie, maybe so.

Devils-due-zach-gilford-weddingDo you worry for her how Hollywood treats actresses? Oh, yeah ... it sucks. I don't worry for her in the sense she is an incredibly strong woman. But any time one of us goes for a part and comes home and say we didn't get it, the response is - 'They're dumb as hell. What is wrong with them? They're stupid.'  You marry that person because you think they are the best, and anyone who doesn't agree is stupid.

Can you two evaluate each other's performances objectively, or should the home be whatever you do is great? Probably when I go home I'd rather have sunshine blown up my (blank). Criticism, even if it's constructive, I do think I have found a way to not take it personally.

How? Because sometimes you just are not the right person, for whatever reason ... maybe you don't have brown eyes. It can be just that. I have seen where the person is so good, but is not the right person. Like one time I went for this part and I didn't get it over Nick Cannon. I'm not Nick Cannon.

UnknownDifferent subject; what do you think legacy of the TV show Friday Night Lights is? I think it was about real football, and not football. I don't know how to answer that question.

Is it a legit question? It is, but the answer is ... it was about so much. It was about family. The team was a family. The town was a family. It was about how complex all of these things are.  

Do you look back on that role and ask yourself, 'I don't know if I'll ever get a role like that again?' For sure. It's hard. There are so many great TV shows out there now. You have to get one, and for it to work out that way. I've had other actors say to me that you are so lucky to have a role like that that so many people know and love. I'll value that forever. It was the first thing I did.

Did it spoil you? It did, but it also gave me drive to find a role that people connect with.

But do you see how much of you landing that role was just circumstance? Oh, it was just dumb luck. I got the part, I went in seven times, and they wanted the other guy. It turned out the other guy was double booked for a Disney TV movie. They tried so hard to make it work for the other guy, but eventually just casted me.


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