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A big key to TCU's QB situation

Tayo-fabuluje-quit-tcu-horned-frogsHe is a senior who has played one season of college football and has been unable to decide how much he loves football, yet he could determine whom the starting quarterback will be for TCU.

Tayo Fabuluje is in his second tour at TCU, and is listed as the starting left tackle. His is one of the more interesting college timelines you will ever find:

2010: BYU redshirt. Did not play. 
2011: TCU transfer season. Did not play.
2012: Started 12 games at TCU. Named Big 12 Hon. Mention Off. Newcomer of the Yr.
2013: Transferred to BYU. Enrolled. Did not play.
2014: Transferred back to TCU.

Offensive line has been a migraine for TCU head coach Gary Patterson since the team began Big 12 play two years ago. It has been erratic, and at times a liability. At 6-foot-7, 340 pounds, Fabuluje has the body and the athleticism to solve one of Gary's bigger needs. The question is, does Tayo want it? 

When Fabuluje left TCU he had some unflattering things to say on his way out the door. Many of the coaches were not happy he left the school just weeks before the start of the 2013 season. But the coaches, and TCU, were also sympathetic to Fabuluje's background and home situation that is complicated, and challenging.

If Tayo is playing, and engaged, he will anchor a left side in need of a stable, solid presence. The QB decision between Trevone Boykin and Matt Joeckel may come down to the offensive line, and specifically if the quarterback needs to run. If the line struggles, Boykin plays. If the line holds up, and Joeckel is accurate, he will play and Boykin will see time at receiver.

"No. 1 when Tayo left he was the starter. I think there was a little bit of bad information in that scenario," Patterson said on the Big 12 coaches' conference call. "For us, he's been a great addition. For him, size wise he was almost 370 and now he's down in the 350s and he's moving well. He's a huge body. He is one of of those guys that, if he can stay healthy and he keeps working, those guys at the next level are going to look at.

"As a person, Tayo has been in a good frame of mind, good to talk to. There was a little bit of confusion as to what was right and wrong and what was better for him. We are glad he is back at TCU. ... It's been awesome. He's had a great camp. If he gets down to about 350, he can be a special cat."


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lynn f.

Interesting take. Tayo is a talent, maybe. You ask me and I think the real story is our head coach. He is desparate and reaching. He needs to win now. Taking this kid back might work. But one thing is for sure. GP needs a winner in Fort Worth soon. His players are getting more bizzare and thugish and it's wearing out the alumni.


Lynn f. You don't speak for TCU fans. GP is desperate and reaching? Really? Our players are thuggish and bizarre? Really? Last time I checked Texas Tech has a player that slugged a girl in the face. Are they a thuggish program?

Rob Tentoy

I don't think he's desperate or reaching. I also don't think the players are any more thuggish than any other average Div 1 school.
I do think the team took a punch to the kidneys when all the disciplinary stuff really screwed up the cohesive unit right when they started Big12 play. Trying to force the Casey Pachall Hallmark Redemption Story last season didn't help anything either.

jim and shelly from west texas

We love football and have been TCU fans for a long time. Gary Patterson is a good coach but is out of his league since joining a better-bigger confrence. His standards have dropped and he is accepting-recruiting players with sketchy back grounds and behaviors. We are rooting for GP to win games (and clean up the program a bit)

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