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A response to Randy Galloway's character assassination attempt

Randy_gallowayEven in semi-retirement Randy Galloway felt the need to assault me via the written word, and it is here on this platform that the man deserves to know not only do his aging punches still land, they hurt. And cut.

In Mr. Galloway's column on Texas head football coach Charlie Strong and his wave of dismissals, the venerable, aged, and some may say decrepit sports writer took aim at the downtrodden and harmless - me.

In this column, Mr. Randy wrote:

Based on the pulpit pounding I read from my esteemed colleague, the Rev. Mac Engel, the players doing that kind of coach shoving are the “knucklehead element” who must be eliminated from a local college football program.

Are you listening, Gary Patterson? Stop recruiting “knuckleheads.” Rev. Engel said so.

GP has certainly had his TCU problems with that element over the last few years, and lately it involves the ongoing headaches associated with once-stud defensive end Devonte Fields.

I agree with Rev. Engel. Get rid of Fields. This is twice he’s been an embarrassment, although this current case is much more serious than a year ago.

But in total disagreement with Rev. Engel, there’s also not a college football program in the land that can afford to eliminate all the knuckleheads in recruitment.


1389041289000-USP-NCAA-Football-Texas-Charlie-Strong-Press-ConfMr. Randy, I knew Jim Reeves, and you are no Jim Reeves.
After my tears of pain dried, I texted Mr. Randy the following: "If I am reverend, we are all SO screwed."

In his advanced state, Randy has fallen for the Coach Tough Guy Kicks Everybody Off The Team routine; it serves as a message to the roster while also immediately lowering expectations and may give the coach an additional year to stink.

Mr. Randy knows that no decent college football team can be completely devoid of knuckleheads. No bad college football team can be completely devoid of knuckleheads. It's college, where acting like a dope is written off as kids being kids.

What Randy's Miller Lite-branded brain fails to realize is that there is a line, and a delicate ratio of saints and sinners on any team. This is a delicate balance that requires a group of "mature kids" who will instill a level of accountability that even the knuckleheads recognize and will fall in line.

Charlie Strong is taking no chances and purging all of them. Gary Patterson is taking a slightly different approach.

It is, however, always a delicate balance. 

Here endeth the lesson.

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Bella from Dallas

Don't be offended by anything he writes or says. He'll never remember what he said or wrote.

Jim White

I am sorry, but I am not convinced either way--to be or not to be a knucklehead. I do agree with you that Galloway delivered a late hit and that the only way to settle the matter is through an encore addition of Galloway and Big Mac. Seriously, this was the best piece of off-season sports writing I've read since Mr. Randy descended into obscurity several months ago. I don't care how old and decrepit he is, just please bring him back. You need him. You need each other. Those of us who have no lives other than to follow metro-plex sports need both of you!

Rob Tentoy

I miss Blackie Sherrod


Engel, you could not carry Randy Galloway's used pencils! He's done more and forgotten more than you will ever achieve in your un-phenomenal career. He is a true sportswriter while you are simply a "wannabe". The worst article he's ever authored is superior to your best. Neither envy nor badmouthing will make you better....Get the Flick guy.

Rob Tentoy

The only positive thing I can say about Galloway is that at least he isn't Dale Hansen.


Galloway is the creme of the crop and your blog was over-the-top unprofessional and the only reason I read it this time was because it dealt with Randy, pure class. I, and several of my friends, stopped reading your blogs a good while back because it is sooo obvious you have personal agendas. And all I ever hear is negative things about what you write, never positive. WHY read you ?? Afraid to print this one Mac ??!!!!

Mac Engel

Yes - I am obviously afraid to print your flattering post, just as I am equally frightened to post other such comments on this blog.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading and taking the time to write.


- Mac

Jim White

I think Mac's post was tongue and cheek. While I've never met either one of them, I'm pretty sure he's not mad at Randy or vice versa. I would just like to see them both "fighting" again about Metroplex sports on the tube because I think they are funny.


How come no one is writing about the Jerry Jones pictures with young girls? Is everyone in DFW afraid of the guy? This should be the DOMINATING story of the day. Check out the NY Daily News.

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