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Dear ESPN, make Mack Brown talk Texas Longhorns

It can be argued that Mack Brown was been a mouthpiece for ESPN long before its agreement with the University of Texas' Longhorn Network. Now that the former University of Texas head men's football coach is an analyst for ESPN's college football telecasts, there is no pretense - he is a Disney employee.

Mack+Brown+Texas+v+Rice+spC4SlaAej_lWorking for ESPN as a college football analyst will get Mack out of the house, and where he excels - BSing in front of a camera. The man has more charm than an oil sheik has cash.

You would think that ESPN, by hiring an expert on all things University of Texas football, would want to use its new employee when that subject arises. Texas is one of the largest and most important programs in the country.

Nooooooo ... that would be like asking Bob Knight, or Ray Lewis, to relay their personal experiences when the comparison applies, only in Brown's case it's far more benign and pleasant. In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Mack said he will not talk Texas.

"Number one, Charlie (Strong) is a great coach and has a tremendous background," Brown said. "He and I made an agreement early, and I really suggested it, that I not talk about Texas and let him be the head coach and let him get started because obviously I know too much about that program."

Of course Mack suggested it. The last thing he wants is to be perceived as critical of anything other than world hunger. Why would ESPN agree to hire Mack Brown as a college football analyst when he refuses to talk about the one area that he is an absolute, supreme expert? 

Right now, Mack Brown would be far more interesting talking Texas than at any point when he was its head coach.

While ESPN is almost exclusively responsible for the massive growth in sports, and it sells itself as sports journalism (insert laugh track here), what it wants just as much as viewers is to be liked by the coaches, GMs, and players. This remains the biggest jock-sniffing organization on the planet, even though it does not need to be.

Why would ESPN even agree to this stipulation when all it would have to do is find 100 other ex-coaches who would take less money and agree to say more? 

Texas-approves-Mack-Browns-4-year-extension-HATCA3V-x-largeBrown will be a tremendous analyst, and for the next few years would be an asset talking UT. He does not have to make any UT commentary personal or nasty, and there is a way he could analyze the Horns both honestly and tactfully. He is now in the arena where candor is a necessity, but like most former coaches and players when they step into this they don't want to bag on their guys.

Mack is like any other employee - if you tell your boss you don't want to do something, and they agree, you aren't doing it. That's not on Mack. That's on his new employer.

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The scuttle around UT is that Mack is still very bitter about being pushed out the door. He is being exposed as a fraud.

jn33 @ arlington

Mack Brown is a fraud. The guy had the best program in the country and barely goot lucky one or two years. He is a cry baby and lousy embassador of the sport. Next.

Tylor chase

Mack brown took his team once again to the Big 12 title only to get released.? U don't see sooners releasing stoops for all the great loses in BCS bowls..those guys r a bunch of wanna b politicians who now will b waiting 2-3 more years just to b a Big 12 contender..Strong is all wrong for Texas football .

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