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Every ex-pro jock should do what Vince Young just did

Former Texas Longhorns quarterback Vince Young's football career actually ended last year, and now he has at least the presence of mind to do as all successful athletes should do - retire where you were good.

There will be more opportunity in the communities that enjoyed your career than in those that watched you from afar, or didn't know you at all.

Unless you made millions and millions and took care of your money, which Young did not do the latter, your best bet for a successful post-playing career is to put down roots where they loved you. For Young, that is not Houston or Nashville or Philadelphia but Austin.

Young_vince_j5005cUT has announced that VY, who has earned his degree from school, is now officially on the payroll and will work for the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. Good for VY. The University had promised him a job, once he was done with football.

As is the case with many players waiting for that phone to ring, football was done with VY before he was done with it.

According to UT, Young will work for alumi relations where, essentially, his main responsibility is to be Vince Young. He will raise money, and "address the educational challenges of first-generation college students and students from low-income backgrounds."

According to one report by the Austin-American Statesman, Young's salary will be $100,000. 

Where does that rank among other UT professors? According to, Young's $100K puts him slightly below the university mean of $125,750 for its professors.

VY will make slightly less than UT physics professor Richard Fitzpatrick, the same as theatre and dance professor Charlotte Channing, and a bit more than Astronomy professor John H. Lacy.

This decision was a win-win for the school, and VY. His contribution to that university was incalculable, and now the school is returning the favor by giving him gainful employment. Hopefully, his ego will not prevent him from being a good soldier and doing his job effectively. As long as he is not "above" his job, he could potentially become a wonderful ambassador for Texas, and an outstanding fund raiser.

Wealthy fat-cat boosters would certainly pay to hear him tell stories from back in the day.

Young's career with the Titans was a mess, and it featured many of the sad cliches from overly-involved family members to ignorant spending to a psyche that did not thrive under the pressure of being a starting NFL quarterback.

His career with Texas was a giant hit, and generations of UT fans will forever remember him for his performances against Oklahoma, Michigan, and USC in the BCS title game. His best post-career play was to live where he is loved - Austin.

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Get on with it

VINCE CAN STILL PLAY!!!!! That is the craziness of it all. The guy could still be a productive QB, and with the right situation a top 5 talent in The League. I'm excited to see him return to Austin but am totally mystified why no NFL teams are interested. I think Jeff Fisher is black balling him. He is a wonderful talent and given a bad rap by the media. Welcome home and sorry the NFL is too stupid to want you.


It is travesty that this guy has 30wins and 20 losses as a NFL Quarterback.There are many teams that could use this talent.Jeff Fisher we love you in So.Cal but we thought that you're a bigger man that you showed in this case.He can outplay Sam Bradford!!!

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