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It can happen - an AP poll without Texas

The AP's Top 25 preseason college football poll is out, and ... Charlie Strong must be relieved. Texas is, finally, not in a preseason Top 25. But the Horns are close. Too close but at least they are not ranked according to the AP.
Big 12 teams are in bold. Texas teams are bold and italics.

182906071. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. Oklahoma
5. Ohio State
6. Auburn
8. Michigan State
9. South Carolina
10. Baylor
11. Stanford
12. Georgia
13. LSU
14. Wisconsin
15. USC
16. Clemson
17. Notre Dame
18. Ole Miss
19. Arizona State
20. Kansas State
21. Texas A&M
22. Nebraska
23. North Carolina
24. Missouri
25. Washington

Others receiving votes: UCF 94, Florida 87, Texas 86, Duke 71, Iowa 68, Louisville 48, Marshall 41, Oklahoma St. 37, Virginia Tech 26, TCU 23, Mississippi St. 22, Michigan 19, Texas Tech 19, Miami 16, Cincinnati 15, Boise St. 10, Oregon St. 10, BYU 8, Northwestern 8, Penn St. 5, Navy 2, Vanderbilt 2, Louisiana 1, Nevada 1, Utah St. 1.

CHARLIE_STRONG_FOR_WEB1be270ab-daee-41f3-91ac-752cb425a0e1The worst development that could have happened for Strong was that Texas somehow was put among the Top 25. The Horns should not be ranked, but the power of the Texas name and the Bevo brand is powerful and often puts this team where it does not deserve.

Expectations for Strong's team should be modest this season, and a preseason Top 25 ranking would have sent the wrong message that this team is ready when it is not. 

The next time Texas should be ranked is when/if the 'Horns are 3-0; that would mean they defeated both North Texas, BYU and UCLA. That is a 3-0 that would merit a Top 25 ranking. 


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texas with pride

I think Charlie was a good hire for us. He will get. A honeymoon season then be on a short leash. Time will tell if Mr Strong is up to the challenge.


3-0 with their opening schedule does not necessarily merit a top 25 ranking, although the AP Poll usually favors big football schools. It depends on how the Longhorn's opponents do. If UCLA lays an egg against Memphis or Virginia, or if BYU gets upset by Connecticut in week 1 before they play Texas, then 3 wins don't look that good. In that scenario, I would say Texas would have also beat Kansas in week 4 to crack the AP poll.

Rob Tentoy

When did Kansas State get kicked out of the Big12?

go back to south bend

Texas won't be Kansas. Write it down. Charlie Weis deserves to be fired but this win over Kansas is kansas fans curse. It wrecks Texas chance to get ranked. It's Charlie 'fat boy' Weis signature win which keeps him in Kansas another couple years. And Jayhawk fans are stuck with fat boy a few more pathetic years.

Rob Tentoy

Good. You fixed it

silver and black

Look for Notre Dame to fall like a rock. Really good team this year but 4 players were named in a scandal that will rock ND this year and the program. I don't see how the Irish finish in the top 20 this year..

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