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Reminder: Indiana Jones is leaving Ft. Worth soon

McqC.St.117FORT WORTH, Texas I am not getting a cut, but ... the greatness that is the Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History runs through Labor Day, and that's it.

A word of advice - This interactive exhibit is advertised as kid-friendly, but unless your child is highly familiar with this movie franchise, don't waste your money. This is a wonderful exhibit for adults and fans of this series, but will likely be lost on little ones.

And the Fort Worth museum does not offer a kennel child-care so you can put them there while you enjoy the exhibit. BTW - kennel child-care would be awesome.

This is a two-hour exhibit that takes you behind the scenes of every one of the four movies, and provides a nice history lesson on history's major archaeological finds including artifacts. You are provided with a tablet and headphones that guide you through the origins behind some of the stories used in the movies, and some of histories major digs from Machu Pichu to the Nazca Lines in Peru.

The exhibit features some of the props and costumes from the franchise, including Indy's leather jacket, whip and famous fedora. It does not include the walker Indy should have used in Crystal Skulls.

The movie series is pure escapism/adventure, but it did use some fascinating events from real life.

Interesting tidbit from the exhibit - in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indy fought the dangerous Thuggees, which was an actual cult that did exist forever ago before the British Army wiped 'em out; Thuggee is the origin of the word "thug." 

The exhibit is so good it almost convinces you Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls wasn't bad. 



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