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Ronald Reagan's lesson for Jerry Jones

IMG_0829SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - Jason Garrett is a quote-freak. The man is on the constant lookout for inspirational sayings and quotes to inspire both himself, his staff, and his players.

Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan was too a quote-freak, going so far as to keep scores of written reminders and "one liners", which he kept on notecards so he could access them. These and other fascinating facts are available to peruse and learn in the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum, in Simi Valley, Calif., about 45 miles north of Los Angeles.

Also of note and potentially great importance in this library is a small plaque that Dutch kept on his desk in the Oval Office. Pretty much every single fan of the Dallas Cowboys, be they red, blue, right or left, would very likely wish Jerry Jones would read, and live, this Reagan favorite:


Since that will not be happening any time soon, do yourself a favor and visit this library/museum when you get the chance.

The Reagan is the fourth such Presidential library I have visited, and it does include many of the highlights of his tenure from 1980 to 1988. It's main focus, as expected, was Reagan's "victory" in the Cold War, and specifically the spread and eventual devolvement of Communism and autocratic rule through history.

IMG_0832Unlike some of the other presidential libraries, though, the Reagan does not mention some of the inevitable lowlights any President endures. No mention of the Iran/Contra scandal. No mention of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It's not a white-washing of history, but this museum focuses exclusively on the highlights.

The museum does a nice job of telling his back story, specifically highlighting some of his high school days when it became apparent the man had an innate gift as an orator.

It was fun to watch some of the video highlights of Reagan's considerble humor, and timing that he honed as a radio announcer and an actor.

The brightest highlight of the museum is the addition, and tour, of Air Force 1. This plane, was was transported to Simi Valley, was re-pieced and re-assembled to be the plane many presidents used to travel the world.

This plane was dressed to resemble the Reagan administration, up to and including a container of jelly beans, his favorite snack. 

If you are in LA for a while and can get there, this is worth the visit.

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Gary Ferguson

Do you think Clinton's Library mentions Impeachment or Lewinski? The botched capture of Osama? The botched capture of Koresh? Elian Gonzalez? Serbia?
Carter's Library the gas crisis, Iran, the misery index?
nice cherry picking tho.

Mac Engel


The Carter library did mention the lows. The hostage crisis, the gas crisis, the handing over of the Panama Canal. The Bush Library in Dallas did cover Katrina, the economy, etc.

I have not been to the Clinton museum.

Nathan R. Johnson


You should go to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis and report on the lack of crisis it directs its attention towards. You are a shotty journalist and a bad person.

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