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Sellout? Texas has spent more than $1 billion on college football stadiums

Snyder2One year after agreeing to a five-year contract that will pay him $14.75 million, Kansas State head football coach Bill Snyder is calling his sport a sellout. Who knew? Of course it is, and few have profited more from it than Snyder, or KSU.

On Wednesday, Snyder told reporters after a KSU practice that "it's no longer about education."

Snyder said: "We've sold out to the cameras over there, and TV has made its way, and I don't fault TV. I don't fault whoever broadcasts games. They have to make a living and that's what they do, but athletics -- that's it. It's sold out."

Few schools sold out to the cash of college football more than Kansas State - thanks to Snyder's incredible direction; because there is a proven correlation between a successful football program and increased applications and enrollment.

It is stupid to think that a prospective student is influenced where he/she may attend school based at all on a football team that plays 12 games a year, six at home. 

It is stupid to think a university is easily able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars on a facility that is used six to 10 times a year. Education? Who cares - we're talking about a nice place to watch Baylor play Incarnate Word.

51480609ESnyder said: "Everybody is building Taj Mahals, and I think it sends the message -- and young people today I think are more susceptible to the downside of that message, and that it's not about education. We're saying it is, but it's really about the glitz and the glitter, and I think sometimes values get distorted that way. I hate to think a young guy would make a decision about where he's going to get an education based on what a building looks like."

And few states have followed that better than the Great State a Texas.

Since 2000, when SMU opened the new Ford Stadium, eight universities in Texas have combined, or are committed to, spend a well over $1 billion on football stadiums.

In this down economy, the state of Texas has spent more than $1 billion on facilities to play a football game. And this figure does not include weight rooms, academic centers, etc. And this figure does not include payouts to coaches who were fired. And this figure does not include high school football stadiums that are broken.

Snyder talks about priorities ... here you go:

SMU: Ford Stadium (new)
$42 million

University of Houston: TDECU Stadium (new)
$120 million

NewDKR1Texas A&M: Kyle Field (expansion)
$450 million

TCU: Amon G. Carter Stadium (remodel)
$164 million

Baylor University: McLane Stadium (new)

$250 million 

North Texas: Apogee Stadium (new) 
$78 million

University of Texas: Memorial Stadium (remodel/upgrades/expansion)
$60 million 

Texas Tech University: Jones AT&T Stadium (remodel/upgrades)
$135 million


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Bev in Ohio

It makes me sick what gets spent on sports. This is reporting but what a waste of money.

Stuart Greenfield

Baylor v. Incarnate Word, at least both will have a prayer.

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