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The bizarre disappearance of this Dallas Cowboy

COWBOYS_CAMP_FOOTBALL_32280449Jerry Jones said what the Dallas Cowboys are accepting - linebacker Bruce Carter will never meet the expectations of the fans, and coaches.

"Because he is one of the best athletes in the NFL," Jones told The G Bag Nation on 105.3 The Fan on Friday morning.

Follow the Jerry Logic:

"Bruce is playing at a higher level than he played at last year for sure. He will never play at the level of expectations of the fans, or the coaches' expectations, because he is one of the best athletes in the NFL. He can run. He has the size. So all of that ought to make him ideally suited for the weak linebacker position. Having said that, you will see that of him, whether that's as a starter I couldn't tell you at this time, but I'm glad that we've got him."

There is no more maddening player for the Cowboys than Carter, who is entering the final year of his contract and appears to be just about on the fringe of done. He is 26. At 6-foot-2, 240 he has ideal size and speed to be quality NFL linebacker.

In 2012 in a Sunday night game in Atlanta, NBC analyst Chris Collinsworth raved about Carter and called him one of the best young linebackers in the NFL. Collinsworth said the combinantion of Sean Lee and Bruce Carter gave the Cowboys the best young tandem at that position in the NFL.

Today is Lee is out for the year, and the Cowboys are struggling to find any quality linebackers, and yet Carter's role continues to diminish as the team prays that Rolando McClain cares, and Kyle Wilber is as good as Jerry says. 

Carter's evolvement is one of the more bizarre this team has seen in years.

2006: Named a SuperPrep All-American as a senior in high school, and ranked as the eighth skill athlete in the country.
2009: Named second-team all-ACC at North Carolina in his junior season.
2010: Suffered season-ending torn ACL on Nov. 20 of his senior season. 
2011: Drafted with the 40th overall pick by the Cowboys out of North Carolina.
2011: Did not play first six games of rookie season as he recovered from knee injury. He played in the final 10 games, and registered one tackle.
2012: Played and started in 11 games; recorded 80 tackles, nine tackles for losses, three QB pressures, three pass breakups. Suffered-season ending dislocated elboow on Thanksgiving Day and missed final five games.
2013: The Cowboys shifted to a 4-3 defensive scheme; Carter played in 15 games, started 13, and recorded 122 tackles with two tackles, four tackles for losses, six quarterback pressures and three pass breakups.

628x471What the statistics do not demonstrate is how much Carter struggled in coverage against tight ends, and running backs. That despite the numbers, when Carter got beat it was catastrophic for the team.

Carter is a good, bright, guy but the type of productivity the Cowboys need from him at this position is lacking. The numbers may say it's there, but Carter routinely has not met the eyeball test since the beginning of the '13 season.

Because the team is low on quality linebackers, Carter will get his chance. According to the owner, Carter will just never meet the expectations of the fans, or the coaches.




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Back in 2010 and 2011 Jerry thought he had a formula for drafting in the second round. He believed that you look for players that were first round talent but had an injury (or injuries) that caused them to fall. The other 31 GMs passed on Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, but Jerry always believed that he knew something that the other guys didn't. His oil wildcatting days taught him to gamble big which really isn't what you should be doing with your second round draft picks. Solid, deep, and productive drafts pay off more in the long run in the NFL than hitting on the occasional superstar.


Let's face. He's going to get a shot because he has a pulse. I'm fat and 40. I'd have a shot on this defensive unit.

jr pals

Sure he disappeared. But so did the entire defense last year. He disappearance is just a move. To fit in.

L Knight

The Football Gods have not blessed the Boys since Coach Johnson; as Washington might say, " thats the way football go". I am sure the NFL would like for the Pokes to win, and go deep in the playoffs. Unfortunately injuries to the team, makes winning unattainable, regardless of coaches and managers. It a stressful situation for Cowboy fans. Concurrently, Jerry will still smile all the way to his financial institutions.

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