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The Cowboys-Raiders practice was stupid & then it turned dumb

OXNARD, Calif. - There is so much security at the Cowboys/Raiders scheduled practice here in Oxnard it feels like it should be in a prison yard.

UPDATE: As expected, a few fights broke out in the practice between the two teams. And a fan. Yes, a stupid fan did a stupid, needless thing when he took his souvenir helmet and took a swing at Cowboys corner B.W. Webb. - completely unprovoked. Watch here:


The practice had not even begun and the massive amounts of Raiders fans here began the highly original chant of, "Cowboys suck! Cowboys suck!"

It is a cliche chant, but the Cowboys' record says the chant is not necessarily incorrect.

There are more cops than I can count, and there are two U.S. Navy-trained "service" - i.e. attack - dogs here as well to make sure fans don't get too rowdy as they watch athletes who are paid six figures to practice football. Imagine if these practices/scrimmages actually mattered.

Fans have been waiting here for hours to watch this practice between two of the best franchises ... in the 1970s.

IMG_0856These two dogs are not messing around. Pictured is Foxy; neither dog looks like it would be particularly understanding if you crossed them. Foxy was jumping around as she watched some of the players warmup, and was just dying to get off her handler's leash.

I teased her with a bloody ribeye in front of her face, and rolled around on the ground for a few minutes (this may not be true).

One "source" told me that if the fastest player on the team began running at the 40-yard line towards the endzone, Foxy would catch him before the goal line. And when Foxy is given the proper command, it's game over for the poor fool unluckly enough to challenge her to a fight.

WORD OF ADVICE: Should when an attack dog attacks you, and bites into your arms, leg, face, stomach - don't move. You are only going to make it worse. You have a much better chance of not only surviving but coming out looking a little better if you don't try to wrestle your way out of the dog's jaws of death.

There is considerable paranoia here in Oxnard that the presence of these two teams on the same field could potentially generate a fight between rival gangs. As a rule of thumb, those things are not welcome. There are reportedly rival gangs here in Oxnard that wear both Cowboys and Raiders gear/colors.

IMG_0865One gang, called the "CO Boys", reportedly prefers the Cowboys colors.

With all due respect, these must be some awful, or PR-poor, gangs. The Cowboys have won but one playoff game since 1996. The Raiders have not had a winning season since they reached the 2002 Super Bowl.

Why not go with the 49ers, Patriots or Seahawks? When I finally join a gang, I want dental coverage, and to be affliated with a winning organization.


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Rob Tentoy

I can't believe there are people with nothing better to do than stand around waiting to watch the Raiders and Cowboys PRACTICE.
What, there wasn't some puke on the sidewalk to watch dry out somewhere?

Henry Ryunon in El Paso

It's silly but I love it. Great story. I love it that you are covering Cowboys' training camp. Great stuff. I like training camps almost more than I love the regular season. There is tons of drama and storylines in the preseason. This part of the NFL doesn't get enough coverage. This story is totally silly but I do love it. Keep them coming! You need to do a story about some of the guys that get cut and where there lives lead to. So many stories here. Good stuff! I'm glad your paper supports you being there. It totally makes you and your paper all the more legit.

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