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The search for the world's best hot dog finds a winner

IMG_0896RESEDA, Calif. – Without the ambiance offered by a food truck, or the remote chance that the board of health will show up at any moment, it is still possible for a place to offer a good hot dog.

Located in an area that offers all of the architectural charm of a box – a strip mall - is the famous Fab Hot Dogs in Reseda, Calif. This place was once featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, and does indeed offer one of the better, and diverse, selections of hot dogs.

The ambiance inside this place features the obligatory signed poster by Guy Fieri, some celebs’  autographs on the wall, and a large collection of photographs of patrons who have completed everything on the menu. Not in one sitting.

On the diverse menu are sausages and hamburgers, but if the name on the restaurant is a hot dog you order a hot dog.

IMG_0897A famous dog in LA is the LA Street Dog, which is made available in several of the more popular hot dog destinations. At Fab Hot Dogs, The LA Street Dog is a foot-long wrapped in bacon, and covered in mustard, ketchup, may, onions, peppers and jalapenos.

It does not look like there is a hot dog in this photo, but underneath all of this dressing is a legit ‘dog. It is also a hot dog that does not require trickery. Normally, an overly-dressed dog is a sign that it is some lame, weak, pathetic piece of meat. Not the case here. This is a solid link.

Combine that dog with all of the stuff they put on it here, especially the peppers and the bacon, and you do have one of the better hot dogs around.

And it’s only 38 calories (that may not be accurate).

Fab Hot Dogs has a few locations in LA, and when you are in the area this is a solid choice.

19417 Victory Blvd.
Reseda, Calif. 91335
(818) 344-4336

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Bill C.

Reseda is spelt with an "S"; otherwise it is a first-rate description of them. By the way, the Carolina Slaw Ripper is my personal fave. it is a deep-fried dog topped with cole slaw.

John Fox

Typical article by someone who is not a serious hot dog aficianado. Talks about ambience, toppings, and other secondary things and leaves out brand or source of dog, whether it's all beef or mixed meat, if it is skinless or has a casing, and how it's prepared. The dog is a natural casing Thumann's beef and pork frank made for deep frying. Fab's also serves a Thumann's beef dog (from N.J.) that they grill. The owner is from Jersey and uses the same dog for frying that the popular Rutts Hut does.

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