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SMU was just off with June Jones

He was hired away from Hawaii to be the savior of SMU football but in the end June Jones never was the fit in Dallas that the school needed to make the program nationally relevant. On Tuesday, June resigned after his team's 0-2 start that included blowout losses to Baylor and North Texas by the combined score of 88-6.

6a00e54f7fc4c58833017d3c505803970cMaybe it was his disagreement with the school over lowering academic standards for football players, or his flirtation with Arizona State, but this relationship was one that was better in theory than in reality.

Other than the 2009 season, when SMU finished 8-5 and made the Hawaii Bowl for the program's first postseason appearance and win since the Death Penalty, the June Jones era never hit the highs the program wanted he was hired in 2008. SMU was 36-43 in six-plus seasons with three winning records.

This remains a difficult job that the new realities of college football have only made dramatically more challenging since June accepted the position. Fan support at Ford Stadium in Dallas is sporadic at best, and the affiliation with the American Athletic Conference makes a team like SMU pretty much out on any chance of reaching the final four.

When June was hired he had just taken Hawaii to the BCS and the Sugar Bowl. At the time, second-tier conference schools such as Hawaii, Boise State, Utah and TCU were getting into BCS games. SMU hired June with the idea that he could do for the Ponies what Gary Patterson did for TCU.

While TCU was winning the Rose Bowl and accepting an invite into the Big 12, SMU was flirting with six wins and lower bowl eligibility.

With the Power Five Conferences running college football, it will take a perfect season plus political pressure and a miracle to crack this new final four for SMU, or any team not in the country club.

It never looked like June wanted to be at SMU for any other reason than to collect a huge check, coach on game days, and to play golf and go home. SMU needs a highly motivated, creative and tireless worker to make the program relevant and successful again.

June Jones was not a failure by any means, and his teams provided a few memorable moments from a bowl win to defeating TCU in Fort Worth, but overall this was a hire that was not the type of hit the school needed.


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SMU booster

You are out of your depth dumbo. June Jones was great. It's harder winning at SMU than Kansas; er, maybe not. (speaking of which, Kansas should jump all over June Jones)

June is creative, outstanding football mind, and a very good coach.

It didn't work as well as SMU or June wanted but they had success. I think it was time for June to move on and so did he. June is a class act, a great coach, and should have plenty of interest from decent schools.

You are an idiot, sir.

also SMU Booster

June checked out after ASU and never recruited anything. Talent decreased continuously, has staff of old buddies who don't recruit was garbage, and his offense is obsolete. When even local high school coaches complain that you don't recruit and are never there, you have a problem.

Oh and by the way, SMU has and continues to admit NCAA minimum qualifiers, there are no higher athlete academic standards anymore. I don't see Larry Brown having admissions trouble!


June? Is that you? I hope this is a joke or you are just an uninformed idiot with nothing to do on a Tuesday afternoon.


SMU Booster... I am glad to know that "success" for an SMU coach is getting to a meaningless bowl game and then trying as hard as he can to LEAVE. I hope you keep contributing to that for a long long time, Mr. Booster


SMU Booster,
That SMU arrogance chip on the shoulder is showing. June wasn't a fit for Peruna-land. That's all. The article's right. Get rid of the chip, old Sport. Or, is it Chip?

Erica @ SMU

You people are insane. June was a good coach and probably the best we could get at the time of his hiring by a long shot. I would agree he wasn't a great or passionate recruiter for us. He did lose some of his steam but June is a quality football person. SMU football is a joke. June got us some traction for a while. I wish he would been a better cheerleader for the program. Everybody knows June was not going to stick around forever. Had he worked harder at generating excitement I think things could have been a bit better. But it is crazy to think June did nothing for the program. His efforts have been good and he is a very good coach.

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