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Philadelphia does have dining beyond just cheesesteaks

IMG_1517PHILADELPHIA, Penn. - In an increased effort to sound both above it and pretentious, it is with great snobbery delight to inform the masses that the mussels in Phildelphia are indeed as good as those in Brussels, Belgium.

But the art in this city remains just so gauche.

The City of Brotherly love is known for its famous cheese steaks and Italian food, but this is a solid town for a wide variety of restaurants beyond just the greatness that is Olive Garden.

The Belgian Cafe, located within a short walk of Philly's  museum district, is a great choice for all-day brunch, and wide selection of beers and mussels.

Click here for The Belgian Cafe wesbite. How do you know this is an authentic Belgian style place? The French Fries are called Pomme Frites, and include the calorie-killing dipping sauce to ensure that you gain even more weight when eating fried food.

The mussels here come in a wide variety, including sausage, salmon, etc. I did the salmon, which is dumb because I generally don't like salmon. That said, the mussels here are well prepared. They are not chewy, and had the right amount of salt and seasoning.

The atmosphere in the bar is fairly dark, but it is clean and the service is good. The dining area is well-lit with a nice view of a bustling neighborhood street.

If you have done Geno's and Pat's dueling cheese steak places in South Philly, The Belgian Cafe is a solid choice.

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