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April 27, 2007


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haha. great post. give us more editorial insight like this please!

Indeed sir. It just goes on to prove that most NBA writers are lazy sheep who go to NBA.com's statistics page and sort by blocks and steals and choose a DPOY based upon that. This would be why the travesty of Ben Wallace winning four DPOYs and Bruce Bowen winning none happened. But, then again, Bowen is a jerk, so forget him. Ha!

Great points ... Henry Abbott had some similar stuff on HoopsHype.com and points out many of the same things.

What does it say about the state of defense in the NBA if Camby is winning one of these awards? The guy has been an average defender throughout his career. Marion got robbed on this one because he is probably the only guy on the Suns who actually knows what defense is in a man-to-man situation.

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