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April 28, 2007


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There is really no description for how terrible the Mavs were in Game 3. In every conceivable way, they stunk. I am almost at a loss for words that are allowed to be posted within this forum.

So, I'll suffice to say, if they even sniff playing like this against the Suns (if it even comes to that), they will lose by such a staggering amount that the Maverick faithful will likely regurgitate the success they got drunk on from the regular season. Here's hoping for a meteoric turnaround.

It is so sad to see this happening....I believe that the Mavs owe the fans an apology. Fans have been nothing but supportive even after last seasons loss to Miami. We deserve an apology from the players.....

Considering that the Mavericks have not beat the Golden State Warriors in 7 of their last 8 meetings, it is not hard for me to see them losing.

The Warriors have no fear of the Mavericks. Actually, because of the record between the two, my biggest desires was that someone else play the Warriors because of the Mavericks past play against this team. They don't match up well and that is to Golden State's advantage.

This is the playoffs, if the Maverick don't take their game to another level, then a week from now, they will be sitting home with me watching the games!

The only apology the Mavs deserve to give their fans right now is to come out and wipe the Warriors from the face of the Earth in decisive fashion. For Mavs fans, there is no better retribution for the worry heaped upon them thus far by a supposedly sub-par team.

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