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May 11, 2007


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I loved Raja when he was here, I thought he played with an energy that was needed. When he wen to Utah, I was like, oh my, he's gonna get lost in the NBA world and never be heard of again, but once he went to Phoenix he reemerged as a stronger, better player. I wish we still had him. It seems as if our (Mavs front office) patience is short sometimes, or our anxiety gets the best of us...one or the other!

We need a relentless tough guy. I have not been impressed with who the Mavs have put on the bench to back up their forwards. They can do better then a Griffin or Buckner.

I was really surprised by the play of Buck and George this season. After their injuries they (especially George) were never the same. George is opting out of his contract so the Mavs will be able to replace him and hopefully if they keep Buck he will play better this year. I think he's a fair defender, but it would be nice to have more offense from him, since besides Stack (and unless Devin Harris doesn't start), the Mavs don't have many scorers off the bench. Buck seems like a great guy though and I wish him well..whether he is playing for us or someone else.

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