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May 18, 2007


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Can't Galloway come up with something better to talk about? Cuban loves Avery. The Mavericks love Avery. The fans love Avery. He was coach of the year last year and in the running this year. He's not going anywhere! Thank God for that. As for Van Gundy..I don't understand that one. The Rockets were good this year. And about half the season they didn't have either McGrady or Yao. Van Gundy is a good coach. The Rockets need better role players on the team and a good point guard to feel McGrady and Yao the ball. I don't think coaching is the reason they didn't make it past the first round. And I don't see Houston getting any better with a new coach and the same personnel.

A 67 win team, 1st seed should never ever, ever lose to an eighth seed. Period! Avery should have been fired. We have an inexperienced coach that is ruining our opportunity. How many seasons is he going to get? If a coach can't get his players to do what he wants then it is his fault. Popovich doesn't have a problem benching players when they do not listen. If the Spurs are older then why don't have a problem shutting down run-and-gun teams. Must be the coach!

Fire Avery Johnson?!! And who's your replacement, John? The only suitable replacement I can muster would be Larry Brown. If not Brown, you would be putting yourself in the situation of dealing with another inexperienced head coach. Is that what you want?
I can name quite a few NBA coaches who lost in the playoffs before they finally won a title. One of them I just mentioned above. Phil Jackson lost in the Eastern Conference Finals two years in a row before finally breaking through. Give AJ a chance before you write him off so quickly.

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