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May 10, 2007


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I'll move the MVP discussion to this new thread. This is for my good buddy Drew, who seems to think that Dirk should be the clear cut MVP. I think we can probably all agree on the top 5 candidates this year (although, probably 6 with Carlos Boozer). But here are season totals for each of them:

Dirk: 24.6 pts, 8.9 rbs, 3.4 ass
Kobe: 31.6 pts, 5.7 rbs, 5.4 ass
Nash: 18.6 pts, 3.5 rbs, 11.6 ass
Duncan: 20.0 pts, 10.6 rbs, 3.4 ass, 2.4 blks
LeBron: 27.3 pts, 6.7 rbs, 6.0 ass
Boozer: 20.9 pts, 11.7 rbs, 3.0 ass

There is no way anyone can objectively look at these and say that Dirk clearly had the best season from a statistical perspective. Add that to the fact that his numbers consistently decreased as the season wore on (even dramatically from the first half to the second half), and that in key games, he showed himself to be unreliable at times. This does not make for an MVP season.

Plus, as I have said before, the Lakers do not make the playoffs if you switch Kobe and Dirk. The Cavs are probably a 7-seed in the East if you switch LeBron and Dirk. Those 2 guys make their respective teams infinitely better. Thus, making them more valuable. If you put either of those guys on the Mavs, they still win 60 games.

Duncan and Nash are in the same boat as Dirk, the best players on great teams. But Duncan would make the Mavs better and Dirk would make the Spurs worse because he can't play defense and that aspect of Duncan's game needs to be counted. First team all-NBA and first team all-Defensive Team.

Dirk would be 4th or 5th on this list.


There is no statistical or mathmatical formula to choose the MVP of the league. It is based on votes.

All I am arguing is that because Dirk is the best player on the team with the best regular season record it makes complete sense why many would vote for him. I am not saying that everyone should agree or think that Dirk is clearly the best player in the league. I am arguing that he is one of the elite players in this league and based on the Mav's success during the regular season (after which the votes were made) he should accept the award with open arms if he receives it.

Maybe he is fourth or fifth on your list. I regard each of those players highly. But I think it's futile to point out Dirk's shortcomings in this game and that game when arguing he shouldn't be the MVP. Every player on your list has had games where they didn't come through. And they also have games where they do.

Dirk did come through on the majority of the Mavs games this season. He made game winning shots, and game winning defensive stops. And again I think its worth mentioning that he has taken his team father than Nash who has won the MVP two years in a row, and could win it again. Just because Nash was eliminated from the playoffs by the Mavs last year doesn't mean he wasn't the MVP.

If your going by just stats Nash shouldn't have gotten MVP 2 years in a row! Are you going to say he didn't deserve it? I love how people bring up too that until Dirk leads his team to a championship he'll never be MVP. Nash has not done any of that, but he is not held accountable for that shortcoming like Dirk is. The Mavericks have gotten better since Nash LEFT. Why doesn't anybody ever make note of that fact? And since the Mavericks have gotten better, who do you think has lead them? Of course it's been Dirk. Dirk has improved his game EVERY SINGLE YEAR he has been in the league. I don't think next year will be any different either. Dirk works harder than anybody and he's a great leader by example. Dirk didn't beg for this honor nor do I think he particularly wants it. I'm sure he will feel honored, but Dirk thinks more of his team than he does himself and he wants a championship just like us fans do. And he will make whatever adjustments and do whatever it takes to improve his game and he will do whatever it takes to lead his team to the title. NOBODY works harder than Dirk. AND THAT IS WHAT MAKES DIRK THE MVP!

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