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May 24, 2007


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I wouldn't mind having him. It's not like he will play significant minutes, and I'm sure he can teach our young guys a little more about the importance of not taking crap, playing hardnosed defense, and hustling.

Sure, give him a chance...We need some more vets to help teach our young guys...Christie has always had a decent defensive game...If nothing else, bring him on just to compete in practice...


That's not what the Mavs need and you know it. They need a low post presence!!! If they don't get one, we'll be back here again next year! We'll be talking about another year of coming up short. We should be discussing who may be able to provide the post game we're lacking. That's why they lost!!
I'm not listening to this crap about choking! The lack of a post game cost them the NBA Finals last year too. They need to have balance to their team. They have too many shooters!!!!! We need guys who will take it to the basket!!! Can anyone out there feel me???!

Yeah Joe I'm feeling that as well, I just wish they would get more athletic. We would probably have three rings by now if we had one or two guys that can create for themselves and just jump out of the gym. Finley didn't count, he had no handles and rarley took it to the rack because he had to watch the ball when he dribbled. He did have the verticle though......a wasted 42 inches

I agree with Joe. In my opinion a low post presence has been lacking for years with the Mavs. Everybody keeps harping on point guard play, but I don't think that is the problem. One thing I know for certain and that is Doug Christie sure isn't the answer. He hasn't done anything since he left the Kings. And didn't he say those same glowing words about the Clippers and what he could do for them when they gave him a couple of 10 day contracts this past season? And you see what happened there. From what I understand, it was more than just him being injured that led to his departure from the Mavs. Whatever baggage he carried then he can just carry to another team. The Mavs don't need someone like him. Been there, done that.

Christie is a spare. We need to get younger and more athletic. We already have a 30-something backup shooting guard. Get Kobe in here!

i'd rather have pippen. teach these kids how to be tough!

Last time i watched the mavs all i saw were guys lost on defense...Jason Terry,Jerry Stackhouse,Dirk,Erick Dampier all have something in common NO DEFENSE! When you have a chance to get a defensive player get him...Mavericks didn't lose because they didn't have a post player it's because Dirk choked under pressure!!!The high scores Golden State put up is a reflection of the lack of defense!Why bring in Pippen he'd need a walker to get from the bench to the scoring table!

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